Top cloud services enterprises and SMBs want to buy


Why businesses are drawn to public cloud services

As businesses expand their use of public cloud services beyond short-term testing and development projects, overall adoption of cloud services is gaining traction, according to the results of TechTarget's new survey, Cloud Pulse, which asked 1,497 IT professionals about their use of and attitudes toward public, private and hybrid cloud.

Respondents say they're drawn to the public cloud due to several advantages it has over on-premises deployments, including infrastructure availability, scalability and cost management; additionally, IT spending for nearly all types of cloud services is expected to grow. When asked which public cloud services they plan to adopt in the next six months, the responses from 569 IT pros clearly indicated that cloud adoption is maturing beyond just test and development.

Check out the top 10 cloud services that customers want to buy, listed from least to most popular, and find out if you're ready to meet cloud adopters' needs.

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