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Partner: Vendor monitoring of websites is a concern

Vendor monitoring of partner websites to discover which ones are most aligned with a particular technology is problematic, says one solution provider.

I read with great interest Sue Troy's article titled, "Channel partner loyalty: You're being watched."

The article was about an interesting new report from consulting company The Spur Group that enables vendor monitoring of partners. The report, called "Partner InSite," provides info on partner loyalty to and affiliation with particular vendors, technologies or products by measuring and evaluating website language, messaging and any potential presence of a competitor's content.

As a channel marketer, I am uncomfortable receiving a grade by vendors on how well my company uses its messaging and applies vendor-affiliated terms to my content. In my opinion, solution providers that rip and replace, syndicate, repackage and throw their logo on the sales sheet are losing ground and will ultimately win the race to the bottom. Which is exactly why, at eGroup, we've taken a more strategic approach to marketing the company and the incredible talent who deliver successful outcomes for our customers.

If every solution provider served as only the mouthpiece of the vendor's content and messaging, how are we to show differentiation, intellectual property excellence and uniqueness of our offerings and brand to the customer? As channel partners, our value is in the ability to create net-new solutions based on our manufacturers' products with the customer's specific environment in mind.

I would also hope the report analyzes many sources other than just the partner website.

For example, a sign of loyalty is a partner's tech consultant or engineer speaking to a vendor user group (local, regional or national) or a partner's tech consultant or engineer commenting in the press about the vendor's new launch. I hope The Spur Group will score and report on these types of publically facing communications as well.

My customers receive enough vendor marketing; they certainly don't want to hear it verbatim from their channel partners.

If you think otherwise, please reach out and let me know.

Rich Young is marketing and corporate communications manager at eGroup Inc.

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Thanks for the article. The Spur Group actually couldn't agree more with your top level points. Partners need to add unique value and not just syndicate or repackage vendor marketing.

We do not measure that with our Partner InSite reports. We do measure how partners go to market and whether they align to a particular vendor. Are they a virtualization specialist or a VMware specialist? We use multiple measures to determine this.

The truth is all vendors grade their partners. They invest money, resources and people with their partner efforts and legitimately want to manage their return on investment. Partner InSite is a tool that better enables vendor measurement of their partners.
Learn more about Partner Insite on our website. http://www.thespurgroup.com/offerings/partner-insite/