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VIPRE seeks partners for ransomware prevention product

Channel partners are being tapped to resell VIPRE Internet Security Pro Small Office, an antivirus protection offering, to the small office and home office market.

VIPRE, a product of ThreatTrack Security Inc., has extended its security offerings to the small office/home office market and is looking to partners for a marketing push in that segment.

The company, which has 8,000 resellers, recently unveiled VIPRE Internet Security Pro Small Office. The product, which the company said offers ransomware prevention capabilities, was launched in response to a changing threat landscape. "Increasingly, hackers are targeting small businesses," stated Jason Greenwood, senior vice president of marketing at ThreatTrack.

VIPRE Internet Security Pro Small Office is part of the broader VIPRE for Business Small Office product line, which is designed for businesses with limited IT and security expertise. Since no central server is required, VIPRE for Business Small Office products run on a business' individual PCs. Within that product family, VIPRE Internet Security Pro Small Office offers antivirus protection including ransomware prevention, patch management, a firewall, spam filter, and a bogus website blocker. The product is available to VIPRE partners worldwide.

Set up, support

Increasingly, hackers are targeting small businesses.
Jason Greenwoodsenior vice president of marketing, ThreatTrack Security

MIS Partners Inc., an IT consulting and services firm based in South Florida, has worked with the supplier for half a dozen years, according to David Bruyere, company president. The reseller's clients span from large organizations with 80,000 seats to small ones with a couple of systems. The new offering should appeal to the latter because it is easy to set up and manage.

Another plus for partners is VIPRE's support. "They are responsive, are not weighed down by a lot of bureaucracy, and have domestic techs who answer questions quickly whenever they arise," Bruyere stated.

A higher profile for ransomware, prevention measures

Cybersecurity is becoming a more pressing issue for businesses large and small. Businesses and cybercriminals engage in a dangerous game or leapfrog, with each trying to gain an advantage over the other. Recently, ransomware has become a popular form of malware. In 2016, U.S. businesses are expected to spend more than $1 billion meeting ransomware demands.

Small business owners may not be able to recover from ransomware data loss, business downtime and recovery expenses. So, opportunities abound for strong security offerings.

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