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Datto partners see new backup and disaster recovery offerings

Datto partners will see a refreshed backup and disaster recovery product line from the vendor, which has updated its flagship SIRIS offering and added an all-flash BDR appliance.

Datto partners will see an updated release of the company's flagship backup and disaster recovery platform, as well as an all-flash BDR appliance.

The company, based in Norwalk, Conn., unveiled SIRIS 3, which incorporates features from other Datto products -- such as Datto NAS, a network-attached storage (NAS) device that connects to Datto's cloud; and ALTO, a business continuity offering for small businesses. Datto provides BDR hardware, software and a hybrid cloud platform, selling exclusively through managed service providers (MSPs).

"We have taken some of the most popular features from other solutions ... and brought them into the SIRIS line," said Sue Ulintz Mosovich, technical marketing engineer at Datto.

For instance, NAS shares can now be created within SIRIS devices and sent up to the cloud, as well, according to Mosovich. In another example, hybrid virtualization -- previously available on Datto ALTO -- has been incorporated into the SIRIS 3 platform, she added. Other new SIRIS features include iSCSI support, agent technology to support Linux and Apple Mac endpoints, and agentless backup for systems running VMware hypervisors.

Jeremy Koellish, COO with TekTegrity, an MSP based in San Luis Obispo, Calif., said Datto has been growing rapidly and adding a lot of new and different technologies into its portfolio. He said SIRIS 3 provides "a uniform platform, so it is the same experience ... [whether] you are on the virtual or physical box."

He pointed to the inclusion of hybrid virtualization in SIRIS 3 as a promising feature. He said it had been difficult, in the case of large customers, to spin up five or more servers on a single SIRIS BDR appliance. That meant a service provider had to prioritize which servers to spin up first. With hybrid virtualization, however, MSPs don't have to prioritize among servers, because the technology simplifies the task of spinning up some servers on site and others in the cloud, Koellish said.

Product lineup changes

We have taken some of the most popular features from other solutions ... and brought them into the SIRIS line.
Sue Ulintz Mosovichtechnical marketing engineer, Datto

In light of SIRIS 3, Datto will cease marketing the preceding SIRIS 2 BDR line and two other products: Genisis and Virtual ALTO. Genisis, a flash technology that converts legacy BDR hardware into SIRIS appliances, has been replaced by SIRIS Imaged, one of three components of SIRIS 3. The other two components are SIRIS 3 Appliance and SIRIS Virtual.

Virtual ALTO, meanwhile, is a virtual edition of ALTO's small business, entry-level product line. Virtual ALTO's capabilities have been consolidated into SIRIS Virtual.

SIRIS 2, Genisis and Virtual ALTO will be discontinued from new sale, a Datto spokeswoman noted. "All Datto products are expected to have a long service life, and these distributions will continue to support updates in Datto SIRIS."

SIRIS 3 appliances will soon be available as a free software upgrade on all SIRIS 2 appliances, the spokeswoman added.

Datto partners get all-flash BDR appliance

In other product moves, Datto unveiled its SIRIS 3 X1, an all-flash BDR device, which includes a 1 TB solid-state drive and 16 GB of RAM. The company also announced the availability of its Datto Network Appliance. DNA, which the company discussed at last year's partner event, is a router-firewall and Wi-Fi device that can failover to a 4G LTE network in the event of an internet outage. Mosovich said a contract with Verizon is included in the cost of the DNA device and subscription.

"It's an adjunct offering [Datto partners] can take advantage of and expand their footprint with customers," Mosovich said.

DNA also offers MSPs remote configuration and management features, which Datto said eliminates the need for manual on-site visits.

The updated product lineup debuted at DattoCon 2016, which runs through June 22, in Nashville, Tenn. DattoCon is the company's annual conference for Datto partners.

In addition to the product refresh, Datto took the wraps off a cloud storage pricing model, dubbed Infinite Cloud Retention, or ICR. ICR lets Datto partners store backup data indefinitely in Datto's cloud. This feature is available for the company's SIRIS and ALTO products.

Koellish called ICR a great idea, noting the ability to store data indefinitely may come in handy as it works with customers such as municipalities. He cited the move in the U.S. to have video cameras on police officers and the storage problem it creates for police departments, adding that the evidentiary nature of law enforcement video means it will need to be stored in perpetuity.

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