Riverbed Partner Summit: New program aims to boost marketing

Riverbed took the wraps off a multicomponent channel marketing program that includes marketing value proposition development, localization and marketing automation.

Partner marketing was on the agenda this week at the Riverbed Partner Summit 2016, being held April 5 to 7 in Scottsdale, Ariz., with the announcement of Riverbed Reach -- a multicomponent program to help channel partners achieve marketing readiness.

The components include: marketing value proposition development, localization, marketing automation, outbound telephony for lead qualification, digital assets and roundtable support in the form of one-to-one or one-to-many customer help, with an assist from Riverbed in engaging and managing the customer.

For San Francisco-based Riverbed's recently appointed vice president of global channel marketing, Danister De Almeida, Riverbed Reach is just one of several new efforts he's formulating in his quest to help partners drive the last mile, or help partners drive pipeline and demand to reap revenue, without additional investment.

"I know that our partners invest a lot of dollars in getting the right people, the demo gear, and investing in certifications and competency programs, for example. But I had a 'So what?' moment, where I said, 'So, they've done all of this, but are they making money?'" he said. Riverbed Reach is designed to help partners do just that.

Almeida said there are a raft of methodologies, frameworks and programs that he's looking to execute in his new position. Almeida has worked in channel marketing with Riverbed's Asia Pacific and Japan region since October 2014. Before working at Riverbed, he held senior marketing positions with Polycom, beginning in 2005 -- most recently as director of channel partner marketing for North America.

Another partner marketing idea on the radar for this year is the launch of an account-based marketing program between partners and Riverbed. "Partners own a lot of the relationships that give us a wider footprint and create scale for us. We want to maximize that for our partners and ourselves," Almeida said.

Partners own a lot of the relationships that give us a wider footprint and create scale for us.
Danister De Almeidavice president of global channel marketing, Riverbed

This type of program would come in two flavors: One would help a Riverbed partner extend the up-sell opportunity in existing accounts, and another would help partners acquire new customers.

Up until recently, Riverbed partner marketing initiatives included funding or market development funds (MDF), as well as drop-and-go type assets, where partners were able put their business logo into marketing campaigns used by Riverbed, for example.

Going forward, partners can use their MDF to participate in Riverbed Reach and also go beyond drop-and-go assets, with the ability to tout their brand and their value-add, because that's what the customer is buying, according to Almeida.

Additionally, partners can use their Riverbed Reach marketing components to go to market as part of a larger offering and value proposition -- as a campaign that includes multiple vendors, for example.

Pilots for Riverbed Reach are underway, with worldwide general availability expected in early July. This program will be available to Riverbed Premier and Elite partners who have completed joint engagement plans with the vendor.

Like many modern marketing efforts, Riverbed's new marketing initiatives address the customer journey, which increasingly happens online and before ever talking to a channel partner.

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