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NetEnrich teams with Microsoft on Azure channel packages

Microsoft is working with NetEnrich, an IT infrastructure and operations management services provider, to capture small and midsize customers via a channel-ready Azure offering.

Several months ago, Microsoft reached out to 11-year-old technology partner NetEnrich Inc., an IT infrastructure and operations management services provider, to help the vendor capture small and medium-sized business, or SMB, customers for Azure faster than Microsoft would have otherwise. Within the past week, NetEnrich announced it will be offering an assortment of channel-ready setup, migration and management services for Azure backup, recovery and applications.

NetEnrich will offer white-label services, or services partners can resell. These packaged service SKUs are available through distribution, value-added resellers (VARs), managed service providers (MSPs) and telecom carriers. "The value proposition for partners is to get them to recurring revenue, faster time to market and to supporting a wider technology base in the data center or in the cloud," said Raju Chekuri, CEO of NetEnrich, based in San Jose, Calif.

The technology partner, whose forte has been remote service delivery, does the hardcore remote operations of networks, security, Windows, Office 365, Exchange, Linux and Azure, for example. The company has been serving several hundred partners and about 1,800 clients worldwide, with most of its business in North America.

Despite NetEnrich's success to date, the technology partner scored big when Microsoft came knocking on its door to help accelerate Azure adoption by making it channel-ready.

"Our partner base -- mostly midsize and enterprise customers -- pales in comparison to that of Microsoft, who will introduce us to channel partners worldwide," Chekuri said. "All the complexity that an end client may wrestle with as they start to leverage the cloud -- we want them to go to their local or regional VAR or MSP, and we'll provide the back-end service to enable them to transition to cloud. Everyone wins here," he said.

Our partner base -- mostly midsize and enterprise customers -- pales in comparison to that of Microsoft, who will introduce us to channel partners worldwide.
Raju ChekuriCEO, NetEnrich

The new partnership between NetEnrich and Microsoft allows NetEnrich to focus on its strengths, which the company's CEO said are its execution skills and automation. "We don't have to worry about reach -- because Microsoft is probably No. 1 in the world when it comes to reach -- so we can hunker down and focus on the value that we bring to partners and their SMB customers," he said.

According to Chekuri, Microsoft has 75 million SMBs worldwide, who leverage some Microsoft technology and are served primarily by partners.

NetEnrich has 400 employees in four remote operation centers who understand infrastructure services, backup, recovery, Active Directory and Enterprise Mobility Suite. "All the stuff that Microsoft needs to move customers to Azure, we have the automation skill to do that," Chekuri said. "We have it, we understand it and we tested it."

Packaged NetEnrich services are available in three buckets:

  • Securing and preserving customer data and cloud backup via Azure, and variations on backup services -- in combination with disaster recovery services, for instance;
  • More complex services around scaling applications built around Microsoft's .NET Framework using either IaaS or platform as a service.

Microsoft and NetEnrich are working jointly on marketing, such as press releases and webinars. NetEnrich has a portal where partners can see the progress being made by the company, as well as communicate with the vendor partner. Both engagement and packaging have been streamlined, according to the company.

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