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Tatarinov tapped as CEO, to join Citrix board of directors

Kirill Tatarinov was appointed the Citrix CEO; Robert Calderoni will retain his role as executive chairman on the Citrix board.

Just days after Citrix closed the door on Citrix Summit 2016, held last week in Las Vegas, it opened another door with the appointment of Kirill Tatarinov as the company's new president and CEO. The position becomes effective Jan. 25, at which time he'll also become a director on the Citrix board of directors.

The news came yesterday that former Microsoft executive Tatarinov would replace Robert Calderoni, interim president and CEO, who held the position since October 2015 after stepping in when longtime CEO Mark Templeton retired in July 2015. Calderoni continued serving as executive chairman on the Citrix board of directors during his tenure as interim CEO.

With Tatarinov taking the reins at Citrix, Calderoni will retain his role as executive chairman on the Citrix board of directors. A 30-year IT veteran, Tatarinov's most recent position was as executive vice president with the business solutions division at Microsoft, a post which he held since July 2007. Tatarinov worked at Microsoft since July 2002. Prior to that, he held several executive positions at BMC.

With the "focus" theme front and center at Citrix Summit 2016, Tatarinov is stepping into the CEO slot amidst a lot of change and restructuring at the company.

Channel moves at Symantec

Keeping with the theme of executive shuffling, Symantec's former head of global partner program sales Tom LaRocca, who left Oracle in August 2015 for his new job at Symantec, was out of a job by December.

According to LaRocca, who reported to John Thompson, vice president of worldwide partner sales at Symantec, his hiring and departure was nothing short of odd circumstances.

After a three-month recruiting effort to get him to leave Oracle for Symantec, the company didn't move Thompson to an operational position, as LaRocca was told would happen. "Sixty days after I got there, there was a big blow up at the board over some strategic decisions, and they came to me, said they were changing strategy and not moving Thompson," he said.

Symantec confirmed that LaRocca left the company, noting that Thompson and Todd Jones, vice president of global sales operations, have taken on his responsibilities. 

Today, LaRocca heads up Executive Channel Consulting, offering strategic consulting services to both partners and vendors.

A revolving door?

John Eldh, former vice president for channel sales for the Americas at Symantec, left his position in August 2014 after a seven-year tenure. He held the position of North American channel chief beginning in April 2013. Eldh replaced Randy Cochran.

Rick Kramer became the company's North American channel chief on Oct. 23, 2014. In April of 2015, he became the vice president of Americas channel sales for Veritas. At the same time, Mark Nutt was named senior vice president of global channels at Veritas.

Just prior to Eldh's departure, Symantec global channel chief Garrett Jones left his job in May 2014. He held his job for 15 months, although he worked at Symantec since June 2006. Jones closely followed fired Symantec CEO Steve Bennett out the door, who left the company in March 2014.  Symantec has had three CEOs in less than two years.

A couple of days ago, Symantec and The Carlyle Group amended the terms of the Veritas purchase agreement, essentially giving Symantec $1 billion less in the deal.

In August 2015, Symantec announced its intended sale of Veritas to The Carlyle Group and additional co-investors for $8 billion.

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