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Imason deal grows New Signature's talent pool

New Signature, a top Microsoft channel partner, has purchased imason and consolidated that company and other recent purchases under a Washington, D.C.-based entity.

With the recent acquisition of imason Inc., a 16-year old Canadian application development company, New Signature, Microsoft's 2015 and 2014 United States Partner of the Year, continues to grow its talent pool to deliver across the complete Microsoft stack from core infrastructure to custom line of business offerings.

Just five months ago in June, New Signature, Washington, D.C., picked up two Toronto-based Microsoft partners, CMS Consulting Inc. and Infrastructure Guardian. At that time, New Signature Canada was launched. However, today, New Signature has consolidated under a single New Signature entity headquartered in Washington, D.C. The company has offices throughout the U.S. and Canada.

While Microsoft partner New Signature is no stranger to professional recognition, new acquisition imason also took to the stage at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference in July when it picked up the 2015 Microsoft Canada Impact Award in the category "Winning Together." The award recognized work that imason did in partnership with Infrastructure Guardian, now New Signature.

Imason launched a complete suite of web and mobile offerings for The Carbon Accounting Company. Imason built and delivered the applications on Microsoft Azure and utilized Infrastructure Guardian Cloud Management.

"We have a proven relationship with New Signature and the acquisition will allow us to work more closely together," said Jeff Dunmall, president of imason.

According to Dunmall, imason has several core specialty areas: knowledge management and collaboration; relationship management; and, enterprise mobility. It also has a user experience practice that helps employees understand how its offerings help them in their day-to-day jobs.

We have a proven relationship with New Signature and the acquisition will allow us to work more closely together.
Jeff Dunmallpresident, imason

This year, imason helped Subaru Canada deploy 300 Surface Pro 3 mobile devices to the dealership's salespeople, giving them the capability to access the latest information about the company's vehicles. Imason developed an application that monitors Subaru's corporate extranet and continuously delivers and updates information to the tablet to improve salesperson efficiency and improve the car buying experience.

"For me, the market for cloud services requires a strong infrastructure platform and that's what New Signature does best. The imason business delivers solutions on top of that platform -- so we need it to exist and to be well designed and working well," he said.

Working under the same roof, imason will engage New Signature customers to help them continue their progression on the cloud and build a long-term relationship and, for imason customers not ready for these offerings just yet, the independent software vendor will work with them on the infrastructure platform to get them ready for cloud, Dunmall noted.

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