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Symantec Secure One partner program debuts

Symantec has launched an enhanced channel program for security-oriented partners amid the pending sale of Veritas to the Carlyle Group.

Symantec Corp.'s next-gen partner program was "in process" for the better part of two years when the company rolled out the program last November. Now, with the intended sale of Veritas to Carlyle Group-led investors, Symantec today announced Symantec Secure One, an enhanced partner program for its security-focused partners.

The overhauled program was designed to be more aligned with Symantec's strategy as a security company. While the company's split from Veritas is scheduled for later this year, the two companies began operating as separate entities this week.

According to Tom LaRocca, vice president of global partner programs and sales at Symantec since mid-August, and former senior vice president of North American channels and alliances at Oracle, Symantec Secure One is streamlined for current partners, as well as for incoming partners. The new program increases earnings for partners, speeds up payments and has streamlined requirements for partners to achieve Platinum status.

"The Symantec Secure One program reflects our go-to-market strategy as a security company," he said, adding that program enhancements were based on conversations with security partners, company direction and projected industry growth.

In a nutshell, the Symantec Growth Accelerator Rebate (GAR) sets one goal on net new business and partners receive payment with the first transaction. Platinum partners, in any of the vendor's competencies -- Threat Protection, Information Protection or Cyber Security Services -- get to participate in a predictable, profitable GAR across the security portfolio, including Core Security, according to Symantec.

The Symantec Secure One program reflects our go-to-market strategy as a security company.
Tom LaRoccaVP, global partner programs and sales, Symantec

Breaking down some of the program elements, for starters, partners will get paid faster. In the past, partners got paid when they reached their growth goal -- and if they didn't reach it, they didn't get paid.

"Now, partners will get paid from dollar one," LaRocca said.

Partners will get paid incrementally, as they reach their growth goal. And the company will pay partners who exceed their growth goal up to 150%. According to Symantec, the newly designed Symantec GAR pays out as follows: .25% up to 80% of target achievement; 2% up to 99% of target achievement; and 6% up to 150% of target achievement. This accrual-based rebate improves predictability in rebate attainment and Symantec also increased the quarterly cap by 50%, according to the vendor.

Similar to the vendor's previous partner program, there are four program tiers: Registered, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Going forward under Secure One, however, the road to achieving Platinum-level status and Gold-level status has been streamlined. Requirements for technical validation, customer references and sales certifications have been consolidated, which means it will take partners 76% less time to attain Platinum status, according to LaRocca. It will take 56% less time to achieve Gold status.

Finally, Platinum partners will earn rebates across all pillars --Threat Protection, Information Protection, Cyber Security Services and Core Security -- if they're certified in one of the pillars. In the past, Platinum partners needed to be certified in all four pillars to get paid.

"We want partners selling more of the pillars; we want them to build out their business," LaRocca said.

However, if partners want market development funds in each of the pillars, they need to be certified in that pillar.

Symantec Secure One goes into effect today.

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