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Exinda points to growing sales of network orchestration tool among MSPs

Demand for the Exinda Network Orchestrator suggests growing interest in 'service provider-ready' tools in the MSP market, says network management vendor Exinda.

Network management vendor Exinda is pointing to growth in sales of its Exinda Network Orchestrator among MSPs as evidence of greater interest in "service provider-ready" tools for network orchestration. The company this week said that sales of the product among MSPs have risen 47% year over year globally and more than 200% outside of North America.

Thabang Mashologu, director of product marketing for service providers, said the company's initial foray into the MSP space was driven by MSPs seeking out Exinda. After seeing the interest from this sector, Exinda decided to go after this space directly, Mashologu said. The company has added dedicated MSP sales, marketing and support team members, including Mashologu, who said he joined the company 10 weeks ago.

Exinda Network Orchestrator -- which was morphed from a WAN optimization-centric tool to a network orchestration tool earlier this year -- provides monitoring, control, optimization, reporting and recommendation functions for network traffic. Mashologu said the product enables MSPs to offer services that go beyond increasingly commoditized core IT services such as server, operating system and database management.

"A number of our MSP partners have been able to very successfully move up the protocol stack from the network layer to the application layer. … We provide true Layer 7 visibility," he said. "That extends to monitoring and traffic shaping, our management and policies that MSPs are implementing as a configuration management offering," for instance.

One key feature of Exinda Network Orchestrator for MSP partners relates to customers' ability to ascertain the quality of the Layer 2 and 3 services they're receiving. "One thing we've heard time and time again from our MSP customers that do not provide bandwidth services … is that their customers want to hold the bandwidth providers accountable, and that's something that they're able to do using our reporting capabilities. They're able to validate that they're in fact getting the bandwidth and the SLAs [service-level agreements] around jitter, packet loss and latency that they're paying for," Mashologu said.

The company, which has 85 employees and is headquartered in Boston, sees its main competitors as companies such as Blue Coat, Silver Peak and Riverbed.

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