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Cloud Technology Partners updates cloud-readiness tool

This week, Cloud Technology Partners unwrapped the 2.5 version of PaaSLane; Avnet Technology Solutions introduced its converged infrastructure product line and expanded the availability of its Linux courses.

Boston-based cloud-focused services company Cloud Technology Partners (CTP) has officially launched PaaSLane 2.5, which adds new features and functionality to the company's software as a service application for assessing and enhancing Java and .Net applications for cloud-readiness.

"[PaaSLane is] a static code analysis tool that looks at the source code of your applications and it determines what … the opportunities [are] to improve the performance, scalability, the maintainability and the cloud-readiness of your application," said Benjamin Grubin, director of product management and marketing at CTP. PaaSLane now offers two targeted solutions: PaaSLane Assess and PaaSLane Optimize.

PaaSLane Assess, a onetime application assessment, is designed to quickly scan an application and determine its level of cloud-readiness and cloud optimization, Grubin said. PaaSLane Assess can also identify which applications across a portfolio are more or less cloud-ready and estimate the amount of effort that will be required to modernize and/or optimize the application.

"This is huge for system integrators [SI] who are doing application modernization or even cloud migration," Grubin said. "It can serve as a scoping and estimating tool for our system integration partners, and it can serve as a portfolio analysis tool both for SI partners and for enterprises themselves."

PaaSLane Optimize, the second division of PaaSLane, integrates with the software development lifecycle and is offered as an annual subscription service. Additionally, "it plugs into source repositories and continuous integration services like Jenkins or Hudson or Maven or [Team Foundation Server] and can check every single bit for cloud-readiness, for application modernization, for code quality, security and performance," Grubin said. It also offers detailed remediations.

PaaSLane 2.5 addresses customer concerns about uploading code to the cloud by allowing customers to analyze source code on-premises. "Arguably, our most important capability for this release is … local profiling," he said. "All of the processing and source code can be done locally, inside your firewall, inside of your own data center, and your code never has to go to the cloud."

According to Grubin, PaaSLane 2.5 features more than 100 new rules for modernization and cloud-readiness across multiple categories, including 50-plus rules for modernizing C# .Net apps. The update also provides a redesigned rules management user interface with custom rule sets and report templates.

CTP's PaaSLane 2.5 tool is now generally available and priced at $500 or more per application. CTP said it is currently offering free trials of the product.

Avnet Technology Solutions launches converged infrastructure line, expands Linux courses

On Wednesday, distributor Avnet Technology Solutions, an operating group of Avnet Inc., introduced its next generation of converged infrastructure products powered by the third-generation Intel Core processors known as Ivy Bridge. The new converged infrastructure products are available exclusively through Avnet's partners and will be initially offered in the U.S. and Canada.

The new products feature SAP HANA and Cisco data center technology and storage and allow users to store, process and analyze large data sets in real time, the distributor said. Partners can offer their customers two storage options -- EMC VNX5400 or NetApp FAS9040 -- to provide support for up to 15 terabytes of data.

Partners will have access to a variety of support services from Avnet to help them expand their converged infrastructure capabilities. Services include pre-sales support, solution-level quoting, complex integration and programs to obtain incremental revenue in high-growth markets.

Earlier this week, Avnet Technology Solutions also announced that it will expand the global availability of its Linux classes as a result of a strategic agreement between the distributor's Avnet Services business unit and the Linux Foundation.

The courses are now available through Avnet Academy, Avnet Services' education and training group, either online or in classroom settings worldwide.

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