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Cloud Technology Partners adds .NET apps to PaaSLane 2.0

Cloud Technology Partners' cloud migration tool, PaaSLane, gains the ability to assess .NET apps for cloud readiness in version 2.0.

Cloud Technology Partners, a Boston-area consulting and integration company, this month updated its PaaSLane cloud migration tool to version 2.0, extending the reach of the tool to .NET apps.

PaaSLane is designed to cut the time and effort involved in optimizing applications to be migrated to the cloud. It allows users to quickly evaluate new and existing enterprise applications for cloud readiness, according to Cloud Technology Partners. PaaSLane software also evaluates any software-related issues and provides information on how long it will take to fix them. The company said that PaaSLane accelerates code analysis for cloud migration by 95%.

The biggest change to PaasLane in version 2.0 is that it provides full support for C#/.NET, with rules for the Microsoft Azure, Apprenda and CloudFoundry Platform as a Service platforms.

Ben Grubin, director of product management for Cloud Technology Partners, said, "[For the initial version of PaaSLane], we identified Java as the key enterprise development environment, but really it's only 40% to 50% of the market. So [in version 2.0] we took the next logical step, and we've introduced the ability to profile C#/.NET code as well. That's a big step. It pretty much doubles the size of our audience from an enterprise perspective because almost all of the enterprise applications written beyond five years ago were either in Java or C#.

"You've got some more modern applications that were written in things like PHP and Python. They may have less use for PaaSLane because they're written for running in the cloud to some degree," Grubin said, adding that Cloud Technology Partners is considering whether it should add support for those more modern development languages and, if so, what value it could add to migration from those types of applications to the cloud.

In addition to .NET app support, the new version also has a data explorer that enables users to filter reporting results in real time; interactive charting, which can be filtered automatically; more than 250 cloud readiness rules (many owing to the addition of .NET apps support); reports that can be exported as a PDF-format summary or an Excel-format file showing complete resource and line-of-code detail; and upload times that have been accelerated by about 65%.

Of those additional capabilities, Grubin pointed to the filtering updates as a dramatic overhaul. "We've completely redone the way you look at reports in the program. It was very static. It said, here's a list of all the problems we found," he said. "Now we've got a real-time explorer interface. Once you've … profiled your application, you can surf through the all the alerts that were found and filter them down to just what you want to look at." Users can filter the alerts by Severity, Category and Module attributes.

PaaSLane is Cloud Technology Partners' first product, and it represents a small percentage of the company's revenue, according to Grubin. Most of the company's income comes from its consulting and integration services.

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