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Avnet introduces healthcare analytics software for partners

On Monday, Avnet introduced the first two modules from its Healthcare Analytics Platform: Readmissions and Population Health Management.

At HP Discover 2013, held in Barcelona, Spain, in December, Avnet Technology Solutions, an operating group of Avnet Inc., unveiled its Healthcare Analytics Platform. Yesterday at HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition in Orlando, Fla., the group announced the first modules from its Healthcare Analytics Platform that will be available to U.S. and Canadian partners.

The two modules -- Readmissions and Population Health Management -- are designed to assist healthcare providers by raising the quality of care, improving the coordination of care and extending this approach over a longer period of time. The healthcare analytics software modules also help healthcare providers comply with regulatory requirements, according to Avnet.

"These products target hot-point issues that hospital decision makers are dealing with today," said Patrick Stewart, vice president and general manager of IT Solutions for Avnet Services in the Americas.

Both modules feature dashboards, reports and alerts. Running on HP's HAVEn big data architecture, the healthcare analytics software integrates medical, operational, financial and clinical data from areas such as cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, geriatrics and neurosciences from multiple systems to create a unified view of patient information.

The Readmissions module allows healthcare workers to analyze data to identify trends that lead to patient readmissions and also identify risk factors during patient visits. The dashboards offer a wide range of views, including insights on the unit and physicians attending each patient.

The Population Health Management module supports the categorization of patient populations based on demographic information and is designed to assist healthcare workers with the management of chronic conditions. The module provides tools to enable healthcare providers to best apply patient resources using demographic and other patient information. The module is designed to drive more patient-centric care, increase patient engagement, enable a collaborative approach to intervention and measure outcomes, according to Avnet.

The Readmissions module is available now. The Population Health Management module is scheduled for availability in the second quarter.

Avnet offers partners a variety of healthcare analytics training and education options, including its SolutionsPath methodology and healthcare practice, called HealthPath.

According to Stewart, Avnet has trained hundreds of partners via its HealthPath program since its inception around 2006.

"Our plan is to go to these partners' sales reps with the new product offerings," he said.

Avnet HealthPath is designed for solution providers interested in a healthcare market specialization. HealthPath offerings include SolutionsPath Universities, which offer a face-to-face training curriculum that combines data center specialization with tools and skills that home in on the healthcare market; SolutionsPath Playbooks, which provide healthcare market knowledge to enter the market and expand existing practices as well as additional tools and resources; and a Demo Center.

For partners growing a healthcare practice, Avnet offers a week-long internship program held at Scottsdale Healthcare hospitals in Scottsdale, Ariz. The internship is designed to expose partners to the challenges healthcare providers and their patients face on a day-to-day basis.

In May 2013, at Avnet's annual HP Partner Summit in Chandler, Ariz., Avnet announced the Avnet Practice+ for Analytics for HP solution provider partners in the U.S. and Canada.

The Avnet Practice+ for Analytics, in combination with the Avnet SolutionsPath methodology and training, helps partners develop vertical practice expertise. In addition to healthcare specialization, the SolutionPath methodology and training address finance, energy, government and retail.

However, no special training or certification requirements are mandatory to sell the new modules, according to Stewart. Both Avnet partners and HP partners can sell the Readmissions and Population Health Management modules.

Although Avnet developed the products for its partners, expect to see HP marketing the Healthcare Analytics Platform modules to get the word out to HP and Avnet partners.

Stewart noted that this product announcement is just the beginning and that additional modules will be introduced by Avnet this year.

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