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Partner program launched for Druva inSync

Backup software maker Druva has launched a partner program for Druva inSync in the latest step of its transition from direct to indirect sales.

Today, Druva Inc., the maker of the data protection and governance platform inSync, officially launched PartnerSync, its global partner program. The company is transitioning from a direct to an indirect sales strategy for Druva inSync.

Since hiring Steve McChesney as vice president of business development several months ago, the company has made significant investments in both people and resources throughout the organization to fuel its channel efforts.

"If we're going to go channel, we need to go channel. We're going to embrace our partners and go aggressively after this indirect approach," said McChesney, who has put together a team of eight people to help shape the company's sales strategy.

The partner program for Druva inSync includes the following:

  • Deal registration with margin protection for opportunities that partners bring to Druva, and also opportunities that Druva brings to partners;
  • A graduated pricing structure that changes with sales volume;
  • A dedicated channel and alliance team;
  • Presales and consulting support;
  • Training materials on both the sales and technical side; and
  • A 1.0 version of a partner portal. That portal is currently in place, and an updated version will be in place in mid-February. The updated portal is password-protected and is run by a third-party engine. This portal will allow the company to scale out its information resources to partners.

"Our strategy is that we -- direct and indirect sales -- engage together," McChesney said.

Druva, he said, has been building out a sales infrastructure to identify sales opportunities and how the sales cycle works and is bringing that to the channel.

The company has put together sales development reps for lead generation as well as an inside sales team that focuses on the small and medium-sized business market and the midmarket. It also has a large enterprise team that works out in the field.

"As these teams develop leads, we'll be working with our channel partners to engage with them," said McChesney, who added that some of the best training that happens in the channel happens with live engagements in the field with customers.

"It's mission-critical that partners go side by side with the Druva sales team and technical resources in the early stages so they can hear customer objections [and] how we position the solution and really understand the value proposition that we're bringing to market," he said.

Out of the gate, Druva's PartnerSync program features two tier levels: Authorized and Certified. Authorized partners are new partners that have customers that are interested in Druva inSync, but these partners aren't targeted by Druva. "We want to work with these partners to help provide solutions to their customers," McChesney said. There are no training requirements for Authorized partners.

At the Certified level are partners that Druva will proactively engage with, offer dedicated channel resources and help build business plans. The vendor expects these partners to have a plan to reach minimum thresholds and to dedicate resources to Druva inSync-related business.

Druva Certified-level partners must have half of their sales team goes through Druva sales training and assign an engineer as a subject matter expert on Druva technology. They must also have an additional two presales engineers trained on the Druva inSync technology, according to the vendor.

The company is taking a surgical approach to identify and recruit certified-level partners with the goal of engaging with targeted partners market by market. "We've identified our list of partners, and we're proactively reaching out to them," McChesney said.

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