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Asigra joins Cisco Cloud Connector Program with backup appliance

Asigra's Cloud Backup Connector Appliance, which leverages the Cisco Cloud Connector Program, enables remote sites to connect directly to the cloud.

With Asigra Inc.'s Cloud Backup Connector Appliance shipping today according to the vendor, both Asigra and Cisco Systems Inc. channel partners can offer their distributed midmarket and enterprise customers -- those with remote and/or branch offices -- an integrated solution for backup and recovery.

The new Asigra product leverages the Cisco ISR G2 router and UCS E-Series server blade, which comes pre-installed with Asigra Cloud Backup software. Asigra's Cloud Backup Connector Appliance offers companies with distributed office locations a more efficient use of storage and networking resources, according to Eran Farajun, executive vice president of Asigra.

Asigra Cloud Backup is enterprise-class, agentless backup and recovery software product that's designed for efficient performance; uses deduplication and data compression technology; and features autonomic healing, validation restore capabilities and security capabilities that are certified for NIST FIPS 140-2.

Asigra is the latest entrant in the Cisco Cloud Connector Program, which today offers nine connectors. A Cisco Cloud Connector is a software component embedded in, hosted on or integrated with enterprise routing platforms to enable or enhance a cloud service, according to Cisco.

"The business problem that companies have with these remote sites is that more of them are buying public cloud services that are causing an increased load on the network traffic between the remote site to the central site. This causes network costs to go up as companies need to buy more bandwidth," Farajun explained.

Cisco's reasoning behind the Cloud Connector is to allow remote sites to connect directly to the cloud, eliminating the need for the remote traffic to go from remote to central to cloud. Ultimately, the benefits of the Cloud Connector are to reduce network requirements and IT support requirements and costs.

Asigra's Cloud Backup Connector Appliance, which is certified Cisco-compatible, helps customers make the most of their technology investments by enabling them to use their router as a backup device; use the device as a data aggregator or as both the aggregator and the vault, depending on their needs; and back up to a remote data center and keep a local copy for disaster recovery purposes, according to the vendor. The appliance supports private, public and hybrid cloud deployment models.

Asigra's go-to-market strategy is 100% channel. Farajun said that this opportunity increases the total addressable market for the company's partners.

"Our partners can go to existing Cisco customers that have made an investment in Cisco ISR routers and say to them, 'We can lower your network bandwidth costs with the Cisco Cloud Connector Program and you don't need to invest in additional hardware.' So the cost of a solution for doing backup goes down," he said. "The story is appealing."

This is a 100% recurring revenue opportunity for partners. The customers pay per gigabyte or terabyte from Asigra. The price is based on Asigra's Recovery License Model, introduced in July, in which customers are charged according to how much data they recover rather than how much data they back up.

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