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Quantum cloud backup service means new white label option for MSPs, VARs

A new Quantum cloud backup service, which operates using a virtual dedupe appliance and vmPRO, enables MSPs and VARs to white-label backup services.

Managed service providers (MSPs) and channel partners can now offer their own cloud backup services powered by Quantum Corp.'s virtual deduplication appliances and vmPRO backup software, the vendor announced today.

The new offering for MSPs and VARs makes it easy for providers to launch their own white-label cloud backup services with minimal startup costs, according to Eric Bassier, director of product marketing at Quantum.

"We see two classes of potential customers for this program: MSPs who already offer cloud services and are looking to add more services to their line card, and our traditional VARs who are trying to get into the services business and/or who want to build out their services business with new ones," he said.

The new Quantum cloud program, which uses an all-software approach, overcomes the oft-cited cost-prohibitive capitalization obstacle to enable MSPs and partners to begin generating a new revenue stream.

In August 2012, Quantum entered the cloud market with its Q-Cloud backup and disaster recovery subscription service for businesses. The service introduced today takes elements of the Quantum-branded service and enables service providers to sell under their own brand. For partners without a data center or interest in building a cloud practice, they can resell Quantum's Q-Cloud offering.

The new Quantum cloud backup service requires a virtual deduplication appliance at the MSP's data center and one at the end-user site. They're installed on top of VMware and are configurable in less than an hour, according to the vendor. The appliance can protect hundreds of terabytes of data at the user's site.

As the data at the customer's site grows, partners can scale the appliance to accommodate more data.

With the cloud offering, Quantum can bundle the service with its vmPRO software. The appliance is also compatible with all of the standard backup apps. The service backs up data to the virtual appliance at the customer site, where the data is deduplicated. The appliance retains a full local backup copy for local restores. The data is also replicated to the appliance at the MSP's data center.

"Only the deduplicated data is replicated, so we can drastically reduce traffic on the wide area network -- by 90% or more -- and reduce bandwidth cost," Bassier said. The service can also encrypt data in transit.

Regarding pricing, Bassier noted that Quantum licenses a pair of virtual machines to the service provider or partner for 6 cents per gigabyte per month. Partners can sell the service to end users for about 25 cents per gigabyte per month -- a figure he said is based on where the market is today.

"We've drastically reduced the capital costs for the MSP and for the end user," solving the biggest challenge for service providers that want to begin offering cloud services, he said.

Costs for the MSP grow only as new customers are added and revenue grows.

To help partners who sign up for the program kick off a Quantum-powered cloud backup service, the vendor offers a pre-packaged marketing starter kit that includes a press release, webpage content, customer-facing presentation, data sheet, solution brief, email template for demand generation, graphics and images, in addition to online sales support and training and additional customization if requested.

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