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News briefs: Juniper backs Cloudscaling; Joyent takes on AWS in IaaS

This week, Cloudscaling's $10 million in Series B funding includes backing from Juniper and Joyent updates its IaaS strategy to woo AWS customers.

Cloudscaling raises $10M in Series B with help from Juniper

OpenStack-powered cloud integrator and infrastructure vendor Cloudscaling picked up $10 million in its Series B funding round from Trinity Ventures plus two new investors -- Seagate Technologies and Juniper Networks -- via the networking vendor's Junos Innovation Fund. Signs of the Juniper partnership began cropping up in April when Cloudscaling announced the third major release of its Open Cloud System, a prepackaged set of hardware and software for building OpenStack-based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) clouds. The company had announced it would integrate its product with the virtual network control technology Juniper acquired from Contrail Systems -- the JunosV Contrail software-defined networking controller, due out later this year. Cloudscaling markets its product to enterprises and service providers.

New instance types, pricing put Joyent against AWS

Fresh updates from Joyent promise increased flexibility and control of its cloud services via a "new end-to-end elastic compute service" and several new instance types. The IaaS and Platform as a Service provider stepped up the scalability of its offerings and recast its pricing model with reserved capacity options -- moves that put Joyent in direct competition with the preponderant Amazon Web Services (AWS). Joyent CEO Henry Wasik told Business Insider the moves aren't meant to instigate a price war, but ease users' transition to Joyent's cloud. Overall virtual server selection, with 71 additional choices, matches AWS' options, and -- Wasik hopes -- will attract customers moving away from AWS.

Salesforce gets keys to IV patent library struck a deal with patent aggregator Intellectual Ventures (IV) that gives the provider access to IV's collection of more than 40,000 patents. The software giant will also be able to tap IV's Intellectual Property for Defense program, which provides a measure of protection against future litigation and bogus patent claims. Spanning more than 50 areas of technology, the patents are central to IV's business of licensing intellectual property to other companies, as well as its practice of litigating other companies. IV investor and client Microsoft sued Salesforce three years ago over nine patents, causing a short-winded dispute that ended in an agreement granting the companies mutual access to each other's intellectual property.

Box picks up Folders to enhance iOS file storage

Following its recent acquisition of French startup Reedian, cloud storage provider Box announced that the next version of Box for iOS will include tight integration with Reedian's flagship mobile application, Folders, an iPhone file manager app. Box Vice President of Security Sam Schillace underscored Folders' attractive visuals in the company announcement, saying he expects the app's aesthetics -- along with the expertise of its developer and new Box team member Martin Destagnol -- will make Box "cleaner, faster and more beautiful throughout 2013." Box's recent acquisition of Crocodoc -- a startup specializing in HTML5-based document rendering and viewing -- combined with this latest acquisition show the cloud storage company has set its sights on easing and enhancing user experience for its enterprise customers.

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