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Avnet formalizes services offerings under Avnet Services unit

After acquiring dozens of services businesses in the past few years, Avnet is bringing them all under the umbrella of a Services unit.

With the acquisition of a dozen services companies over the past two years, Avnet Inc. recently formalized its offerings under Avnet Services, a global business model designed to make it more efficient for the distributor and its channel partners to do business.

With the addition of service offerings around three areas -- software services, lifecycle services and education services -- that support Avnet's products and solutions, Bill Wentworth, senior vice president of Avnet Services, said, "We're creating a commitment and focus to the services business that partners can leverage in their supply chain to complement their business capabilities."

Under Avnet Services, the distributor has brought all of its software, IT lifecycle and education services-delivery specialists and services organizations into one global team, under the direction of Avnet Technology Solutions' management and aligned with the channel.

The benefit to partners is that they're able to work directly with one organization within Avnet to support all their customers' services needs, as opposed to different teams or hundreds of suppliers.

According to Wentworth, Avnet has been delivering software, IT lifecycle and educational services to its channel partners as it developed and acquired capabilities in these areas, some as recently as December 2012. With the launch of Avnet Services, the company has enhanced its IT lifecycle services capabilities for channel partners by providing them with access to those capabilities that were formerly part of Avnet Integrated and not previously focused on the channel. These services include technical call centers; field and depot repair; spare parts logistics; and end-of-life options, including responsible recycling.

In terms of expanding its services areas, Avnet will continue to evaluate the market to determine the growth potential for partners. "The intent is to create the global scale and infrastructure needed so that Avnet Services can expand into other areas to align with customer needs," Wentworth said.

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