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Tech Data makes overtures to the IAMCP Microsoft partner association

Tech Data is looking to strengthen ties with members of the Microsoft channel group IAMCP to increase its customer base and expand its business.

Tech Data Corp. announced on Wednesday that it's expanding its relationship with the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners by offering support around complementary vendor solutions, as well as competitive pricing that leverages the power of IAMCP.

IAMCP is an international community of Microsoft partners formed in 1994 to give partners a voice in Microsoft programs and the IT community and to facilitate growth among partners. The organization has about 4,000 members worldwide, with approximately 1,000 U.S. members and 39 chapters nationwide.

The benefit of Tech Data membership for IAMCP partners is to help them build out core multivendor solutions to build their businesses and to leverage Tech Data to do that, including getting educated on how to leverage market development funds (MDF) for lead generation, improving a website or end-user events, according to Tiffany Embry, director of product marketing for software at Tech Data.

The distributor initiated a relationship with IAMCP in August 2011 when it launched a dedicated phone number that went directly to a team for Microsoft support, as well as a dedicated mailbox for IAMCP members.

Until now, Tech Data had no surefire way of identifying IAMCP members who called Tech Data, but it has recently put that capability in place.

"We've also been participating in IAMCP chapter meetings, where we can provide value via presentations or training," said Embry, who added that she just returned from a New Jersey IAMCP chapter meeting where she did a presentation for members on the cloud and on business building with Office 365. Embry joined IAMCP in 2006 and is currently vice president of the Tampa, Fla., chapter.

For Tech Data, embracing IAMCP can help the distributor gain new members in cities where it doesn't have high representation (IAMCP membership in Tech Data is strongest on the East Coast), as well as expand its own business via the channel partners' customer relationships.

Embry said she also wants to help IAMCP increase its membership via the competitive pricing and the enablement value it brings to the table. "My vision, as we grow our IAMCP partners, is to hold a summit to bring IAMCP partners from across the country together so that they get to know each other and their business, with the goal of aligning them for future joint business endeavors," she said.

IAMCP members often know one another within chapters but not necessarily across chapters, according to Embry.

Tech Data plans to leverage its telesales partner account managers (TPAMs) and Microsoft team to encourage Microsoft partners to engage with other Microsoft partners, particularly by joining IAMCP.

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