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Symantec partner program gains new revenue opportunities

Symantec partners now have the option to sell Symantec Website Security Solutions and the GeoTrust Enterprise Security Center to enterprise customers.

Symantec Corp. recently made available a number of new opportunities for its channel partners. At the topic of the list are an option to sell the Symantec Website Security Solutions to enterprise customers, and the new GeoTrust Enterprise Security Center, a subscription-based solution for selling and managing SSL certificates. The vendor is also introducing a new Website Security Specialization for partners.

One of the new revenue opportunities for Symantec partners focuses on the vendor’s Symantec SSL -- one of its three Trust Services (the other two are a vulnerability scan service and an anti-malware scan service).

According to Mike Profit, director of partner products and general manager for the channel Trust Services business at Symantec, Symantec SSL is the company’s most significant Trust Service offering and the company is looking to reach new markets via its channel partners.

To date, Symantec SSL was available to enterprise customers only through the company’s direct sales team.

Only Symantec partner program members with Website Security Specialist Partner status will be able to sell Symantec SSL, according to Paula Dallabetta, senior manager of channel marketing Trust Services at Symantec.

The new Website Security Specialization is open to Platinum and Gold Symantec partners who complete the new Symantec Website Security Solutions Training and Accreditation. The self-paced online training is comprised of two courses: One focuses on positioning and selling SSL solutions; the other one delves deeper into the more technical aspects of how Symantec SSL works.

The free Symantec Website Security Solutions Training and Accreditation is open to all of the vendor’s channel partners, said Dallabetta.

Symantec hopes to attract a healthy portion, or 50%, of its Gold and Platinum partners to become Website Security Specialists. The benefit to partners in attaining the new specialist accreditation is to elevate and differentiate themselves and their business in the market, Symantec said.

To help channel partners attain this goal, Symantec will offer partners greater visibility both externally, via marketing and advertising programs, and internally with its sales teams.

The company’s Road to Profitability Quick Start Program, launched in November 2012, now includes all the enablement tools, marketing, knowledge, and ordering and authentication, to help partners launch a successful website security and SSL business, according to Charla Bunton-Johnson, channel marketing and communications manager for Trusted Services Website Security at Symantec.

Also, Symantec partner program members will for the first time be able to offer their customers Symantec’s GeoTrust Enterprise Security Center. The solution targets enterprises that buy 10 or more SSL certificates per year.

The solution helps customers manage, purchase, auto-issue, renew and track all of their GeoTrust SSL certificates via a central management console.

“This is a high-value solution available to be sold by channel partners who are security specialists who understand the security market,” said Dallabetta.

Again, this enterprise-class solution is available only to Symantec Gold or Platinum channel partners. These select partners can use this opportunity to bring new customers into their business or upsell existing customers.

The GeoTrust Enterprise Security Solution uses an annual subscription-based pricing model.

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