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Zetta offers DataProtect cloud backup for NetApp through the channel's recently released offsite cloud backup and DR product is tailored for NetApp environments and is available only through the channel. announced last week a new cloud backup and recovery product for NetApp environments that eliminates the need for additional hardware.

Denise Nelson, spokesperson for, which is based in Sunnyvale, Calif., described DataProtect for NetApp as a 3-in-1 offsite backup product. She said it provides cloud-based backup, disaster recovery and archiving to's private Smart Cloud, and is being sold exclusively through the channel (though the company said it might sell directly to customers in the future). The service is intended to give value-added resellers (VARs) and managed service providers (MSPs) an alternative to customers who would otherwise have to rely on tape and other more expensive backup software for NetApp data protection.

According to Gary Sevounts, vice president of marketing for, before DataProtect, there were two solutions for off-site backup and recovery of NetApp filers: mirroring the data to a second NetApp filer at another data center, or using a tape-based solution in combination with a service, such as Iron Mountain, to store the tapes off-site. Sevounts characterized the first option as very expensive and the second as complex and unreliable.

"SMBs [small- and medium-sized businesses] that don't have money to invest into the second NetApp solution, data center and software, or they can't tolerate the complexity of a tape-based solution, [are left] exposed," Sevounts said.

DataProtect cloud backup eliminates the need for additional hardware or third-party software, said Sevounts, allowing the solution to be sold at a lower price point.

With pricing starting at $29,900, deployment requires the download of ZettaMirror software on a gateway server at a VAR's or MSP's customer's site. It then must be mapped to the NetApp filer, a process Sevounts said takes about 30 minutes. The ZettaMirror software then seeds the cloud with a backup copy, using snapshots to record changes to that data set on a user-defined frequency.

According to Chris Schin, vice president of products at, unlike many cloud service providers, Zetta stores all the backup copies from its customers in its data center's file system. This allows customers to mount a NetApp filer as a local drive, browse the contents of their backup data in the native file format, and choose only the files or directories they'd like to recover. "They can literally just mount our copy as a replica copy and go in and find a PowerPoint [file] directly from our cloud and pull it back, for example, as opposed to needing to actually restore the data back down locally in order to get access to it," Schin said.

Additional DataProtect for NetApp features include the ability to recover backup data to servers other than another NetApp system, as well as incremental-forever backups.

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