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HP launches midrange 3PAR storage arrays; NetApp announces all-flash array plans

HP is attempting to reverse its declining storage sales by releasing two new 3PAR storage arrays aimed at the lower end of the midrange.

HP adds 3PAR StoreServ 7000 for midrange, file and object storage

Hewlett-Packard (HP) Co. last week launched two lower-end midrange 3PAR storage arrays and a new big data and archiving platform in hopes of reversing its declining storage sales.

HP is extending 3PAR, its one successful storage platform, to cover the lower end of the midrange through the enterprise. The new systems are also available as all-flash arrays, and HP is also offering a migration path from its aging enterprise virtual arrays (EVAs) to 3PAR.

The new HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage 7000 series includes the 7200 and 7400 models. The other new product is the HP StoreAll Storage system for unstructured data. HP also enhanced its StoreOnce 2000 and 4000 backup deduplication disk target appliances.

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NetApp flash plans include all-flash array for 2013

NetApp plans to join the all-flash array market in 2013, according to its CTO Jay Kidd.

In an interview with, Kidd last week said 2013 will be a "milestone year" for all-flash storage, and NetApp is preparing to enter the market.

"I think a broadening of the use case for all-flash arrays will accelerate in 2013, particularly as the bigger players will jump into the all-flash market in a bigger way," Kidd said.

When asked if NetApp would be one of those players jumping into all-flash, Kidd said, "That's a good possibility. We see a clear use case for this technology with our customers, and we have a lot of intellectual property and expertise we can bring to solve problems here."

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Nutanix offers scale-out storage options for its Complete Cluster

Nutanix Inc. last week released a new series of its scale-out storage and compute cluster products, and updated its Nutanix Operating System. The new NX-3000 series lets customers scale storage and compute separately with performance nodes, and software advances include compression and replication for disaster recovery.

Nutanix's converged data center products combine solid-state Fusion-io PCI Express (PCIe) flash cards, hard-disk drives (HDDs), Intel processors for computing, and a file system for a "software-defined data center" in a box. "This is your entire data center. You don't need to use a SAN [storage area network] or NAS [network-attached storage] from NetApp or EMC," Nutanix CEO Dheeraj Pandey said.

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ScaleIO emerges with cloud storage software

ScaleIO came out of stealth last week with its Elastic Converged Storage software, which the vendor claims eliminates the need for a SAN for cloud service providers and enterprises.

Elastic Converged Storage (ECS) agents install on servers running hypervisors, databases and other applications. The software aggregates capacity on those servers, turning them into a large storage network. The concept is similar to the virtual storage appliance (VSA) approach taken by Hewlett-Packard's StoreVirtual VSA, built on LeftHand technology and VMware's vSphere Storage Appliance, but those products are for small- and medium-sized businesses and small enterprises.

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Education group goes all-dedupe for data center, remote data backups

After trying cloud and tape backups, Teach For America Vice President of Technology Operations Thomas Licciardello said his organization saved money and a lot of time by switching to disk backups with deduplication in its remote offices and data centers.

Teach For America is a New York-based nonprofit organization that recruits teachers for districts with shortages. Licciardello said Teach For America has been an EMC customer for primary storage for years, beginning with Celerra network-attached storage (NAS) and now moving to a VNX unified system. About four years ago, it set out to revamp its backup, which consisted of tape in the data center, and online backup at its remote offices.

Find out how Teach For America was able to save resources with deduplication.

Paragon Software Group and NovaStor roll out new software

Recently, Paragon Software Group released its Hard Disk Manager 12 software, and NovaStor Corp. rolled out the latest version of its NovaBACKUP product.

Paragon Software Group says its Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 now offers full Windows 8 support, including the ability to clone, migrate or restore a 64-bit Windows setup configured using the unified extensible firmware interface-based boot mode.

Paragon said the product also includes Boot Corrector, which allows users to switch between different operating systems hosted on oneUnified Extensible Firmware Interface, or UEFI, machine, according to the company. Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 also supports Windows' Storage Spaces feature, and can perform all maintenance and configuration operations with volumes on Storage Spaces, according to the company.

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