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An SDN technology channel partner program is born

ADARA Networks' recent SDN channel partner program release may have beaten many large vendors to the SDN technology punch.

The networking industry is buzzing with the excitement of software-defined networking and what it could mean the future of the enterprise network. This month, we're excited to cover one of the first SDN channel partners to emerge.

Software-defined network (SDN) technology is complex and still being defined. Just a few know how to sell it or present it to customers. SDN vendor ADARA Networks has launched an SDN channel program to help change that. This program will focus on getting partners up to speed on the basics of SDN technology so they can sell ADARA's vendor-neutral SDN solution.

Since SDN technology is still new and evolving, ADARA has created partner training that is aimed at reducing the complexity of the technology by using familiar interfaces that partners are comfortable with. Certifications and ongoing consulting and advisory services are also offered to partners to continue helping them find success in this new and developing space.

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But how can a partner program enable integrators to sell a technology that hasn't even been fully defined yet? And why haven't we heard of other large vendors announcing SDN channel initiatives?

ADARA has the technology ready to go for partners, but it is focusing heavily on educating partners. Selling SDN technology is a huge opportunity, but only if partners can get a grasp on what they are selling.

So while many large vendors claim to have SDN technology or are busy making acquisitions to beef up their SDN strategies, ADARA has been quietly crafting its SDN technology and partner program, and may have beaten many bigger vendors to the punch.

Whatever the case, SDN is still evolving, and every networking vendor is scurrying to figure out where they fit in the equation. As for ADARA, being one of the first SDN vendors to emerge with an SDN channel partner program is something to note. While the SDN movement continues to develop, it will be interesting to see the next installment of technology and programs that emerge. At the same time, we'll have to keep an eye on the ADARA train, which seems to already have left the SDN station.

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