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Partners resell cloud-based network performance monitoring tools

While mobility management has become complex, network performance monitoring solutions offer clients network visibility and partners business growth.

With the enterprise BYOD trend booming, partners must help network managers gain the appropriate network performance monitoring and mobility management abilities for these additional devices. Otherwise, connection interference, latency and potential slowdown in workplace productivity could occur.

Boston-based network and application performance monitoring vendor AppNeta has developed a cloud-based network performance monitoring solution called PathView Cloud that offers remote site performance management and end-user experience monitoring -- a service channel partners can resell to their clients.

"We are entering a time of converged applications on the network, where quality of bandwidth matters dramatically to end-user experience," said Jim Melvin, CEO of AppNeta. "Companies do a fairly conservative job of capacity planning based upon what they think they need to make their applications work. Yet when unknown apps start taking up big chunks of bandwidth, bad things start to happen."

Network performance monitoring solutions offer efficient BYOD management

PathView Cloud provides IT managers with better visibility into the network to monitor business applications despite the additional traffic and devices.

"We help IT teams understand who is using their laptop or mobile device to spend time on YouTube and who is replicating or updating all their apps on their iPad. Teams have to come up with policy decisions on these things. They have to decide if it's OK, and if they are going to budget for it, or if they have to monitor and manage around it," Melvin added.

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AppNeta monitors performance across the campus LAN or the WAN and VPNs. "We can work over any IP fabric and deliver the performance insight our customers are looking for," Melvin added.

To implement Pathview Cloud, a small micro appliance is plugged into the customer's environment and is immediately ready to start working. "There's no hardware to source, administer, backup or protect. Customers get login credentials, and then they use and administer it themselves. You plug it into the network and it automatically connects to our cloud-based service and allows the IT person to do network performance monitoring from the cloud," Melvin said.

One of PathView Cloud's essential functions is FlowView, which identifies various types of traffic -- for example, showing the difference between recreational and business-related activity. "It allows our customers to monitor the network traffic that is occurring on their networks continually through a very simple to deploy and cost-effective solution," Melvin said.

Maintaining a high level of security is very important to AppNeta and its customers. "Our service is hosted at Amazon Web services. Any of the information that is sent up to our cloud-based service is completely encrypted. We've been through numerous tests to ensure we are delivering an appropriate level of security and privacy for our customers," Melvin said.

As for ongoing support, AppNeta has a customer support team that is ready to help customers solve application performance issues and can work with clients through a shared screen.

Partners become MSPs by selling network performance monitoring solutions

AppNeta has application programming interfaces (APIs) available that allow partners to offer its network performance monitoring solution as a complete solution or integrate it as a white label service into the rest of their portfolio.

"We have hundreds of managed service delivery partners that use this to underlie whatever service they are delivering. The cloud is ideally suited for that because you don't have to install anything on site. The cloud becomes the broker between the managed service provider [MSP] and the client," Melvin said.

With AppNeta, MSPs move to a monthly billing model after they do an initial assessment and implementation.

Mobility management solutions provide partner insight and increase work productivity

Jacksonville, Fla.-based Building IT Company, a solution provider, has been working with AppNeta on network performance monitoring and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) management for several years. For Doug Lowenthal, Building IT Company CEO, the evolution of BYOD in the enterprise was a natural progression that must now be managed.

Lowenthal and his team have embedded AppNeta's solutions into all of their client’s environments. "[AppNeta's solutions] give us the insight we would need to isolate an issue, as well as to continuously monitor and protect trends that are going to occur based on utilization. We are able to assess if customers are going to add on new employees, [and] whether they can handle that load even before they do it," Lowenthal said.

One of the metrics Building IT Company measures is the number of tickets per endpoint, per month. The more it can drive that number down through practice maintenance and monitoring, the more clients and endpoints it can support per staff member.

"For every resolution time it's an hour per ticket. I can look at our capacity and utilization and can make an educated decision if we need to hire an additional staff member. With the AppNeta solution, we shortened our resolution time. We can detect an issue before a customer notices it and put together a game plan without having someone go on site. We saw that we were going to drive down those tickets per endpoint per month, and that average resolution time per ticket," Lowenthal said.

For Building IT Company clients, PathView Cloud is a part of its monthly service fee. The company provides an appliance at the headquarters as a part of their service and charge extra for additional appliances at remote locations.

AppNeta's consistent development of network performance monitoring solutions that directly address BYOD management and other IT trends is crucial for Building IT Company. "AppNeta is constantly developing the platform and handling additional features and functionality. They are very in tune with their community and taking feedback to incorporate it into future releases. It just gives us something new to get excited about and talk about with our clients," Lowenthal said.

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