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Dell wins bidding war for Quest Software

Headlines: Dell snatches Quest Software for $2.4 billion, winning its weeks-long battle with Insight Venture Partners to grab Quest.

Storage channel news roundup for June 26 to July 2, 2012

Dell wins bidding war for Quest Software

Dell said this morning that Quest Software has accepted its $2.4 billion acquisition, winning its weeks-long battle with Insight Venture Partners to grab Quest.

Dell first entered the bidding at $2.15 billion before Insight countered at $2.27 billion. Dell made another offer last week of $2.32 billion and increased that price before closing the deal. The bidding was reminiscent of Dell’s battle with Hewlett-Packard for storage systems vendor 3PAR two years ago. HP won that battle and paid $2.35 billion for 3PAR.

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Dell SSD strategy includes plans for flash in storage and servers 

At Dell Storage Forum last month, Carter George, the vendor’s executive director of storage strategy, outlined plans for Dell’s flash-based Fluid Cache technology roadmap.

In an interview with, George explained the Dell SSD strategy, including the motivation behind the server-based Fluid Cache PCI Express (PCIe) card as well as a Fluid Cache appliance, which he said would emerge late in the first quarter or second quarter of next year.

George also supplied details about another Dell SSD project, code-named Big Iron, that could lead to an all-flash array in Dell’s Compellent product line. George said the all-flash array is currently “under investigation.”

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Roadmap for Dell Fluid File System, data reduction revealed 

Two years after acquiring Ocarina Networks, Dell is still working on integrating Ocarina’s data reduction technology into its storage arrays and servers. Carter George, Dell’s executive director of storage strategy, gave a progress report on that integration during an interview at Dell Storage Forum 2012 last month.

Topics discussed included:

1) Why Dell missed the projected 2011 ship date for adding data deduplication capabilities to the Dell Fluid File System

2) Plans to add dedupe and compression capabilities to block storage through Dell’s Compellent and EqualLogic arrays (Internally code-named Bob)

3) An exploratory project, code-named Rocket, for dedupe on servers

4) The importance of adding dedupe to Dell’s upcoming flash-based Fluid Cache in servers

5) Putting Dell's Fluid File System on top of DX Object Storage

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FalconStor buys $5.8M of ‘relief’ with bribery charge settlement

FalconStor will pay $5.8 million to settle criminal and civil charges that it bribed JP Morgan Chase to buy its software, and CEO Jim McNiel said the vendor can now focus completely on re-architecting its backup software and services.

“I’m relieved,” McNiel said after the payment was disclosed last Wednesday by FalconStor and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). “We spent over 18 months of wrangling with authorities to prove the company wasn’t a systemic criminal organization. It was a very small number of people with a single customer. We put additional controls in place so we can catch things like this. This gives us the freedom to walk off and do our business.”

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HDS growing VSP and NAS array sales, cautious on flash

Like other pure-play storage vendors, Hitachi Data Systems is growing revenue at double-digit rates despite the slow economy. But HDS is bucking industry trends with its growth.

HDS grew disk storage revenue by 11% year over year during the first quarter of 2012, according to IDC. That’s a bit slower than EMC (14.4%) and NetApp (11.1%) but much faster than IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Dell. HDS made great progress with NAS and enterprise SAN sales -- two categories with slow or no growth. IDC said industrywide NAS sales declined 1.9% during the first quarter, but HDS claims it increased NAS sales by more than 50%. And HDS high-end SAN sales grew more than 30% despite flat growth industrywide for storage systems costing $250,000 or more.

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DataCore teaches SANsymphony-V to play in the cloud

DataCore has upgraded its SANsymphony-V storage virtualization and management software to make it better suited to large enterprises and clouds. The vendor launched SANsymphony-V 9 last week with new or expanded automated disk pooling, auto-tiering, asynchronous remote replication, synchronized mirroring, disk migration and load balancing.

Previous version of SANsymphony-V targeted the midmarket. With version 9, DataCore is going after large data centers; companies looking to build private clouds; and cloud service providers with private, public or hybrid cloud offerings.

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Alabama plant enlists DR cloud as tornado insurance 

The devastating tornado that blasted parts of Alabama in 2011 prompted the executives of Morris, Ala.-based Reno Refractories to revamp their disaster recovery plan. The building materials manufacturer upgraded its backup and networking infrastructure and added a disaster recovery cloud to its high-availability strategy.

Wayne Bailey, Reno Refractories’ network administrator, said the company had no real high-availability strategy before installing a Quorum onQ appliance and subscribing to the vendor’s hybrid DR cloud service early this year.

Bailey treated the April 2011 tornadoes that hit about 50 miles away as a warning. He said he toured the Tuscaloosa area after the storm with his son, a Tuscaloosa county deputy sheriff, and saw “nothing left but bare dirt and concrete” where large buildings stood before. Upon returning home, he saw another sign of the storm’s power when he found a check that was cashed from a Tuscaloosa bank, a flyer from a Tuscaloosa insurance company and a picture from a Tuscaloosa-area yearbook in his yard.

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