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Cloud aggregator Modular DPS launches program for turnkey cloud backup services

Cloud aggregator Modular DPS is offering a cloud backup services package for VARs and MSPs, combining resources from Intel’s Hybrid Cloud Program, 6fusion and MSPexcellence.

Modular Data Protection Services (DPS) Inc., a cloud aggregator, today announced its Modular 360° Partner Program, a turnkey solution for VARs and MSPs to deliver cloud backup services to their customers. In creating the program, Modular DPS marshaled the resources of the Intel Hybrid Cloud Program; 6fusion Inc., a hosted infrastructure provider; and the MSPexcellence advisory group.

With access to the Intel Hybrid Cloud Program’s AppUp Small Business Service, Modular 360° Partner Program members can create for their customers custom combinations of pay-as-you-go server, business software and Asigra Inc. data protection applications on one physical appliance. The appliance resides at the customer’s site and functions as a cloud gateway.

6fusion’s role in the program is to host data for VARs’ and MSPs’ end customers, for those VARs and MSPs who choose to use the 6fusion service. 

For its part in the program, MSPexcellence contributes a knowledge base as well as its Playbook and Program for Cloud Solutions Providers. Based on interviews and surveys of more than 50 cloud service providers, the Playbook is a guide for launching a cloud storage services business. The knowledge base offers market data and information to enable program partners to develop their cloud services strategy and delivery plans within three months.

The Modular 360° Partner Program has two tracks. With Modular 360° AIR (Assured Information Recovery), Modular DPS hosts the cloud services in collaboration with 6fusion. With Modular 360° DPaaS (Data Protection as a Service), the VAR or MSP hosts its own cloud backup services.

According to President and CEO Eric Strong, Modular DPS expects that 80% of program members will adopt the Modular 360 DPaaS track, with the other 20% becoming Modular 360° AIR service resellers.

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