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IT asset disposal services offer secure data removal and piece of mind

Channel partners can offer Ingram Micro’s IT asset disposal services to provide customers with secure data removal while remaining environmentally friendly by recycling devices.

As companies implement new infrastructure that can handle the explosion of data, a critical question emerges: what happens to all the old IT devices and the important data stored on them? IT asset disposal services just might be the answer.

To address the increasing need for IT asset disposition and secure data removal, Ingram Micro Inc. announced its new IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Services, which are available now as part of the Ingram Micro Services Division’s Professional Services portfolio for channel resale. With the portfolio, solution providers can now provide consumers the appropriate disposal and removal of data from various IT storage devices, such as printers, hard disk drives and SD memory cards that hold a digital history.

Specifically, the disposal services include removal of critical information from devices, as well as the proper transport of devices to the processing and disposal facility. Once the devices have been stripped of data, solution providers and their customers will receive documentation outlining the liability release from any unauthorized or accidental discharge of information.

“These services ensure that information is going to be handled appropriately and that there is no chance of data loss,” says Michael Humke, senior director, public sector and healthcare markets, Ingram Micro U.S.

How the IT asset disposal process works

The IT asset disposal process is quite intricate, leaving no storage device unturned.

“Once a customer has ordered the services, U.S. Micro will send a technician to the end user’s site. When they arrive, they will inventory all the devices that have been expected to get cleansed or removed. After inventory validation, there is a complete wipe and cleanse of all data from those devices," says John Redman, manager of professional services, Ingram Micro U.S.

“Then the devices will be securely packaged and shipped to one of the central processing facilities in Las Vegas or Atlanta. If needed, we’ll utilize a Brinks security truck to ensure the integrity of the devices sent back to the facilities. Once they arrive, we’ll inventory them again. Then each device goes through a compliance cleanse to ensure that there is nothing left on those devices and that no other information will be released,” he adds.

IT asset disposal services bring new meaning to reduce, reuse, recycle

Once the information is wiped from devices, U.S. Micro will try to remarket the pieces to give them a second life. If that’s not possible, U.S. Micro runs them through an industrialized shredder, brings them down to component parts, and then filters and separates the parts according to what value they may have for future reintroduction to a manufacturing process.

“This process ensures that no devices or information is made available and that no devices are thrown out in a field. U.S. Micro is committed to a 100% landfill free policy, so no components end up there, but instead get reused or recycled,” Redman says.

Expanding the partner portfolio with IT asset disposal services

IT asset disposal services can be great for the environment and security, but how can partners incorporate them into their business models? Essentially IT disposal can be added to a family of support services that partners already sell.

“End-users today are looking for their partners to understand their business as much as they do. Certain markets like healthcare are tight for budgets right now. People are less inclined to make hardware decisions and are more inclined to want to make total solution decisions. Offering these services give partners more revenue because it’s another service they can offer to customers,” Humke says. “It allows them to own that customer from beginning to end and to say ‘I can take care of you from the time I evaluate the equipment, manage the systems and work your way through the process in a cost-effective manner, giving you end-to-end solutions as a partner.’”

IT asset disposition and secure data removal is crucial to the healthcare industry

Lots of companies rely on IT asset disposition, but healthcare and insurance organizations, which are required by law to securely dispose of medical records and patient information, are prime customers.

“These services give doctors' offices and patients that piece of mind that their information won’t be made available or released accidentally. Think of HIPAA: there are penalties and fines for each violation of customers' release of information. These services remove all that liability and offer some piece of mind,” says Redman.

Other regulation-heavy industries, such as financial trading and investment firms, will eventually be prime buyers as well.

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