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Fusion-io braces for competition with bigger, faster PCIe flash device

Headlines: As competitors crop up to challenge Fusion-io, the vendor responds with increased capacity and improved performance on its ioDrive Octal PCIe flash device.

Storage channel news roundup for Nov. 10 to Nov. 16, 2011

Fusion-io braces for competition with bigger, faster PCIe flash device

Fusion-io has been one of the early successes in solid-state storage, turning its early lead in PCIe flash cards into an IPO this year after winning large deals with customers Facebook and Apple.

Now as competitors are popping up to challenge Fusion-io, the vendor is moving to make its products bigger and faster. This week Fusion-io doubled the capacity and improved performance of its ioDrive Octal flash-based accelerator card.

The 10 TB ioDrive Octal, aimed at data warehousing and supercomputing, includes eight 1.28 TB multi-level cell (MLC) ioMemory modules in a double-wide PCIe device. Multiple cards can go into a server, packing 40 TB of flash capacity into a 4U server.

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Virident ready to make flash move with MLC card, funding

PCIe flash startup Virident Systems released its first multi-level cell (MLC) solid-state card last week and hauled in $21 million in funding.

Virident, whose main competitor is Fusion-io, picked up an influx of cash from its previous investors, Globespan Capital Partners, Sequoia Capital and Artiman Ventures. Strategic investors Intel Capital, Cisco and a storage company that did not want to be identified also pitched in.

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DataDirect Networks rearchitects HPC storage

DataDirect Networks has added performance to its top-end high-performance computing (HPC) platform.

DDN last week launched its SFA12K series, which will replace the SFA10K product that the vendor has had success selling to HPC shops.

DDN CEO Alex Bouzari said the biggest improvements over the SFA10K are an internal network inside the appliance, storage processing that lets customers embed file systems or applications inside the appliance, and greater density.

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Quantum improves enterprise disk and tape data backup systems 

Quantum Corp. announced new data backup system enhancements this week for the company’s DXi8500 disk device and Scalar i6000 tape library products. 

The DXi8500 enterprise disk library now scales from 40 TB to 320 TB of usable capacity compared with 20 TB to 200 TB in the prior version. Quantum claims it improved the data ingest rate from 6.5 TB per hour to 8.8 TB per hour. Scott Hamilton, senior director for Quantum disk products, said the improved ingest rate for data deduplication was accomplished with a combination of new data flow in the DXi 2.1 software and better use of disk tiers.

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Symantec speeds up failover for Windows apps

Symantec Corp. this week launched Veritas Storage Foundation High Availability 6.0 for Windows, designed for faster failover of Windows server applications and recovery of Windows Server Hyper-V virtual machines for disaster recovery.

Veritas SFHA 6.0 consists of Veritas Storage Foundation 6.0 for Windows and Veritas Cluster Server 6.0 for Windows. Symantec claims Veritas SFHA 6.0 reduces the failover time from about 30 minutes to one minute for business-critical server applications because the software now uses an Intelligent Monitoring Framework with asynchronous monitoring instead of the traditional Monitoring Framework with polling monitoring. The polling monitoring typically takes up most of the time during a failover process because an alert is sent without taking formal action. A failure is detected instantaneously with asynchronous monitoring and action is taken faster.

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TwinStrata delivers cloud SANs

TwinStrata is extending the capabilities of its CloudArray gateway device, adding support for on-premise SAN, NAS, direct-attached storage devices and private clouds.

TwinStrata launched CloudArray as an iSCSI virtual appliance in May 2010 and added a physical appliance later in the year. The gateway moves data off to public cloud providers. With CloudArray 3.0, TwinStrata is trying to appeal to customers who want to expand their SAN and private clouds.

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LabTech Software launches channel program

LabTech Software, a remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution for MSPs, last week announced its launch of a channel partner program. The new partner program is geared toward current partners who are also looking to market, sell, service and support on-premise monitoring and management solutions to customers and prospects. LabTech Software will not sell directly to end users but instead will provide a “go-to-market” team to support partners in their sales efforts.

ConnectWise introduces ‘partner kits’ with business tools, resources

MSP/VAR business management solution provider ConnectWise last week announced availability of new sets of tools, guides, white papers and videos for its worldwide partners. The company’s “partner kits” are available for business functions such as the help desk, sales and human resources.

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