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Amplidata launches object storage system; plus, data dedupe solves remote backup problems

Headlines: Amplidata offers object-based system that uses erasure codes to eliminate need for RAID; Riverbed expands Whitewater cloud support; SGI adds SSD to server; and more.

Storage channel news roundup for March 31 to April 6, 2011

Amplidata launches object storage system; more SNW Spring 2011 news

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Amplidata introduced its first product this week, the AmpliStor object storage system consisting of a controller, storage node and monitoring software for cloud storage and archiving of large digital data and online media applications.

Amplidata's product launch came during the second day of the Storage Networking World (SNW) Spring 2011 show.

The AmpliStor AS20 storage node and AmpliStor controller use Amplidata's BitSpread core intellectual property for unstructured data. BitSpread takes objects from the application, runs them through a controller and splits them into sub-blocks. Amplidata's BitDynamics software -- an out-of-band agent used for disk monitoring and health -- scrubs, verifies, self-heals, repairs and optimizes data on disks.

The sub-blocks are encoded, meaning they're mathematically transformed into rules, with an algorithm to create redundancy. The encoded sub-blocks are then spread across the storage nodes and disks to create fault tolerance. The system is policy based, so the customer determines how many drives the sub-blocks can be spread out across the nodes or drives, said Paul Speciale, Amplidata's vice president of products.

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Data deduplication software solves remote backup problems for Loomis

Cash management firm Loomis uses a two-pronged data deduplication/data protection strategy with EMC Corp. Avamar deduplication software installed at dozens of sites for remote backup, and EMC Data Domain appliances at its Houston data center.

Loomis has approximately 8,000 employees and around 3,000 armored vehicles in the United States to transport its customers’ cash. But much of its business comes from electronic cash management systems placed onsite for customers such as banks and retail stores. Data from those systems gets backed up at Loomis' satellite offices.

Loomis switched to Avamar to replace tape drives at 67 remote offices in 2008, and followed with Data Domain and EMC NetWorker software for centralized backups of Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, Oracle and file data in 2009. It replicates from Avamar Data Store and Data Domain DD660 systems in the data center to similar systems at a disaster recovery site about 20 miles away.

Learn more about data deduplication and global deduplication in this tip.

CharTec integrates Backup and Disaster Recovery appliance with ConnectWise for management of MSPs

CharTec announced that it has completed integrating its CharTec Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) appliance with ConnectWise. CharTec BDR provides on-site data protection and off-site data continuity with the cloud. MSPs can remotely manage CharTec BDR through a Web-based portal and can automatically import backup statistics, which can help MSPs to create reports for their billing systems.

D-Link enhances channel VIP Partner Program

D-Link Corp. announced that it has made enhancements to its VIP Partner Program for the channel. These enhancements include rebates, technology specializations, discounts and lead referrals. D-Link made these enhancements after receiving feedback from current partners.

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