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Top stories for January 2011

Managed service providers moving their business toward cloud computing and the state of the VCE Company were among the top stories in January 2011.

Although the VCE Company played a big role in January’s top five stories, the tale of managed service providers (MSPs) adapting to the cloud market took top honors. More MSPs are either integrating a third-party cloud infrastructure such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) with their existing offerings or using it as their services foundation.

The VCE Company’s sales plans for Vblock also caught on. Vblock sales were until now stymied by channel conflict and the difficulties of managing the relationship between the VCE parent companies. Here are the top five stories for January 2011.

1: More managed service providers forge into cloud

Forward-thinking MSPs know when you can’t beat ’em, you’ve got to join ’em.  They are starting to integrate their own cloud-based offerings with cloud infrastructure from Amazon Web Services and other players. Case in point: MSP Freedom Open Source Systems helped to put Lionsgate’s SAP environment onto AWS in different stages.

2: VCE redo aims to boost Vblock sales

A year after Cisco Systems, EMC and VMware launched the Virtual Computing Environment coalition -- the forerunner to today’s VCE Company -- the effort got its fair share of criticism. Channel conflict flared when salespeople at the parent companies tried to take sales of Vblock components direct, thereby breaking the Vblock bundle. Now, VCE will focus on building standardized Vblocks at the factory for the channel and achieving greater efficiency for Vblock sales cycles.

3: Microsoft Enterprise Agreements: What partners need to know

As Microsoft starts taking Enterprise Agreement accounts direct as of next September, its Large Account Resellers are in the hot seat. Microsoft wants those LARs to help move customers to cloud-based Windows Intune and Office 365. Such migrations from on-premises products could bring installation and configuration opportunities.

4: Business videoconferencing poised for 2011 breakthrough

After years of hype but underwhelming momentum, some VARs now think that business videoconferencing will start to bear fruit in 2011. Travel budgets remain constrained and high bandwidth is nearly ubiquitous, so these VARs think companies are ready to buy in-room or desktop-based videoconferencing at long last.

5: VCE coalition: A one-year retrospective

There was no shortage of controversy last year surrounding the VCE Company, formerly the VCE coalition. This story looks at how the first year of VCE/Vblock -- the brainchild of EMC, VMware and Cisco -- panned out.  

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