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Storage management requires better collaboration in virtual world

Headlines: The rise of server virtualization in the data center impacts the way storage is managed, and requires greater cooperation between storage and server teams.

Storage channel news roundup for Feb. 10 to Feb. 16, 2011

Storage management requires better collaboration in virtual world

The proliferation of virtual servers connected to data storage has given rise to a thorny storage management issue: How much control should server administrators have over storage? While there's no simple blanket answer to that question, it clearly points to a need for better communication between groups to handle end-to-end management of servers and storage devices.

Communication and management have become larger issues with virtualization because virtualization changes the way storage and servers interact, and also drives the adoption of networked storage in many shops. But many organizations have separate teams handling servers and storage. Those silo environments may result in a loss of visibility into application requirements and growing utilization rates that determine the amount of storage capacity a data center needs. That often requires storage and server teams to share data, as well as management decisions.

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Wanted: SAN management tools for a virtualized environment

The popularity of server virtualization in the data center has helped convince many organizations of the benefits of networked storage, but has also added a layer to the infrastructure that makes SAN management and performance diagnosis more difficult. As they put more production applications on virtual machines, data storage administrators are calling for more end-to-end management tools that provide visibility from storage devices all the way to the server virtualization layer.

"It's become a hot issue. Enough enterprise applications have been moved to virtual machines and it has become a problem," said Stephen Foskett, an independent storage consultant and author. "People didn't realize until they started putting production applications on virtual machines. Once it reached critical mass, it became more important for [end users] to have visibility. They found they needed more visibility and end-to-end management tools."

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New Sepaton CEO says point products won’t cut it for enterprise backup

Virtual tape library (VTL) vendor Sepaton Inc. switched CEOs this week when Mike Worhach stepped down after seven years and was replaced by former Egenera CEO Mike Thompson.

Thompson, who joined Sepaton as executive vice president of worldwide sales and marketing last July, spoke with SearchDataBackup about his plans as CEO. Thompson said Sepaton will maintain its focus on large enterprise data backup and add data analytics to its systems. He also defended post-processing deduplication as the best way to scale to keep up with growing data protection requirements in large enterprises.

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FalconStor automates disaster recovery testing, failover

FalconStor has added automatic disaster recovery testing and failback for physical and virtual servers to the RecoverTrac technology built into its Network Storage Server (NSS) and Continuous Data Protector (CDP) products.

RecoverTrac 2.0, launched last week, automatically recovers physical servers, virtual servers and server clusters at remote DR sites. Besides replicating data to a remote disaster recovery site, RecoverTrac automates resumption of storage, servers, networks and applications in pre-determined order.

Learn more about disaster recovery failback in this expert video.

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