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Intel readies micro servers

Intel and its server forum are getting micro servers ready for release. VKernel Capacity Management Suite 2.2 offers features for the enterprise.

Systems Channel News Roundup for the week of Jan. 17-21, 2011.

Intel micro servers almost set for release
Solution providers may want to keep track of the new generation of micro servers.

Intel's Server System Infrastructure Forum recently released the Micro Module Server Specification 1.0 as a guideline for building these small form-factor servers.

Experts say micro servers could provide a lower-energy option compared to the blade servers that currently power most data centers. Customers looking to host extremely lightweight applications that service many users will be likely targets for these micro servers.

VKernel Capacity Management Suite 2.2 features target enterprise users
VKernel Corp.'s new Capacity Management Suite 2.2 seeks traction among enterprise customers.

New features include Storage I/O reporting, which factors input/output per second operations into data storage capacity planning calculations, Active Directory and vCenter plug-in integration. Version 2.2 also allows VKernel to see into VMware's Raw Device Mappings and VMFS clustered file system.

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