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Microsoft working to catch newest tablet market wave

After struggling with prior stylus tablet offerings, Microsoft is trying to make a dent in the current tablet market. Major League Gaming has found success with the hybrid cloud.

Systems Channel News Roundup for the week of Jan. 3-7, 2011.

Microsoft working to compete with iPad in latest tablet market venture
Microsoft's previous forays into the tablet market were generally unsuccessful and analysts have mixed feelings on the IT giant's recent work toward making Windows tablet-friendly to compete with Apple's iPad.

The company is working on its response to the iPad's simple operating system and lightweight apps, which may be an Advanced RISC Machine -supported version of Windows that would be less complex and power-draining. But analysts say that the lack of integration among Windows versions and devices could be a deal-breaker for customers.

Because Microsoft is so late joining the latest tablet wave, some experts are calling for the company to offer its applications to competing tablets.

Hybrid cloud right fit for Major League Gaming
In what may be a sign that the hybrid cloud is becoming a viable option for customers, Major League Gaming recently started using one to balance its large infrastructure needs and business and productivity apps.

MLG already virtualized its servers, but it thought virtual machines on databases wouldn't offer proper response time and the company was concerned with security policies that go along with cloud computing.

The new Rackspace service Cloud Connect ended up being MLG's target because it can essentially connect its cloud to the ground. Cloud Connect provides more capacity, financial flexibility through a custom billing plan and automation capabilities.

ProSys joins Applied Computer Solutions
Avnet Inc. recently sold ProSys Corp. to ACS Acquisition Corp., which is owned by Applied Computer Solutions.

ProSys has 360 employees and is a southeastern solution provider that is geared toward small-to-medium business customers specializing in education.

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