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VMware APIs to bring storage into fold; other news

VMware Aware Storage APIs IVASA) to bring storage metrics to VMware; Microsoft nixes IE virtualization; Juniper snaps up Altor networks. news in brief for Dec. 9, 2010

VMware et al. work to bring physical storage into fold

VARs wanting to provide VMware customers with tighter and more integrated management of physical storage should watch for new APIs early next year. The expected VMware Aware Storage APIs (VASA) will make information about the physical storage array -- as well as the virtual data store -- viewable from VMware Inc.'s vCenter CapacityIQ tool, sources said. VMware is working with its storage partners on the APIs, sources told

Microsoft just says no to IE virtualization

Many VARs and Windows shops like to use application virtualization to run old or multiple versions of Internet Explorer on Windows 7. But Microsoft wants that to stop and forced one ISV to pull code that made it easy for customers to do so. The reason? Microsoft licensing prohibits such IE virtualization because Microsoft prefers to think of IE as an integral part of Windows.

Until late last month, Seattle-based Spoon (formerly Xenocode) provided an easy way for developers to run and build applications on different versions of IE for test and development, but a Microsoft "nastygram" put a stop to that, according to

Juniper snaps up Altor for VM security

Juniper Networks Inc. is spending $95 million on Altor Networks, a company known for its virtual machine security software.

The two companies already sold their complementary products -- Juniper's physical security appliances and Altor's virtual machine security software -- to IT networking professionals who have to manage both physical and virtual environments, Pete Lindstrom, research director at Spire Security, told

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