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Top Channel Marker blogs for November 2010

Steve Jobs scrapping Xserve and Oracle's courtroom battles with SAP were among the top blog topics for in November.

Apple shops aren't happy that Steve Jobs decided to stop sales of Xserve servers and are now wondering if the company's gadget focus was the extent of Apple's enterprise ambitions. But, no "top blogs" review would be complete without Larry Ellison. The Oracle CEO's belligerent tactics versus SAP and HP, as well as the details of the Oracle versus SAP copyright infringement court case, kept readers clicking in November.

On a positive note, VARs were smitten with Nexsan's solid Assureon product line and channel programs.

Here are the top five most-read Channel Marker blogs for November 2010.

1. Apple shops cry foul as Steve Jobs Xs out Xserve

Out with Apple Xserve servers and in with iPhones and iPads in corporate boardrooms. That seemed to be the marching orders by Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs. News that Apple will discontinue sales of Xserve in January had many Apple shops wondering about the vendor's enterprise game plan.


2. SAP, scared of Oracle, makes goo-goo eyes at HP

As expected, court proceedings on Oracle's lawsuit vs. SAP for copyright infringement were chock-full of drama and bad blood. At center stage, virtually if not physically, was Leo Apotheker, the former SAP CEO blasted by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison for condoning corporate espionage. Ellison fumed at HP's defense of Apotheker, who became HP's new CEO on Nov. 1.

3. Nexsan draws VARs with solid Assureon line, programs

VARs really like Nexsan's Assureon product line and the channel programs geared to promote it, according to Channel Marker blogger Barbara Darrow. Nexsan's partner program has delivered what it promised to VARs – solid margins, aggressive SPIFFs and an energy-efficient product line.

4. Still hungry, Oracle buys ATG

Oracle bought ATG, a maker of e-commerce software, for $1 billion in cash. ATG, once known as the Art Technology Group, can bolster Oracle's push for unified cross-channel commerce, and, in a nice piece of synergy, many of ATG's big customers are also Oracle database shops.

Court: SAP owes Oracle $1.3B

Oracle got at least a big chunk of what it wanted from its copyright infringement trial with SAP: $1.3 billion (the company shot for $3 billion). But Larry Ellison did himself no favors in the court of public opinion with his behavior in November. From warning Leo Apotheker not to show his face in the U.S. to hiring private detectives to find the former SAP CEO, Ellison sought to embarrass HP and SAP and remind the IT world how powerful Oracle is.

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