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AMD enfolds disties in Fusion; XenServer gets virtual switching

Distributors gain entry to AMD Fusion; Citrix tests virtual switching; other news.

IT channel news in brief for Oct. 6, 2010

AMD brings distributors into Fusion fold

AMD reorganized how it's handling distributors in its year-old Fusion Partner Program. A new "distributor track" deals with distributors consistently whether they were AMD Direct Master Distributor or systems distributors. The AMD distributor track covers all AMD products—CPUs, GPUs, client and server computer systems. The distribution partners are tiered according to their total engagement with AMD across both components and systems

In the past, AMD differentiated distributors that handled components from those that dealt with AMD-based systems.

"We're consolidating how we deal with distributors. There are different types around the world. In emerging nations you have subdistribution, someone who sells to someone else who sells to the customer, so now subdistributors are part of the distribution track. We're being clear how we incent people like that," said David Kenyon, corporate vice president of worldwide marketing for AMD Inc.

Citrix bolsters XenServer with virtual switch

A new beta of Citrix XenServer service pack adds virtual switching to compete with the capabilities of Cisco Systems' Nexus 1000V in VMware environments. The software, known as Project Cowley could bring greater parity between XenServer hypervisor and VMware's virtualization management and cloud computing capabilities, according to

Users were intrigued by the new centralized support for Open vSwitch, which previously required management within each virtual host. The new version includes a virtual appliance that can be downloaded and imported into a XenServer host to centrally manage all vSwitches on other hosts.

Symantec tips PGP-GuardianEdge game plan

Symantec is moving forward to integrate newly acquired encryption vendors PGP Corp. and GuardianEdge Technologies. Plans include expanding PGP Whole Disk Encryption to support Symantec Data Loss Prevention and eliminating the GuardianEdge brand while moving those customers over to Symantec Endpoint Encryption, according to

Symantec Corp. acquired PGP and GuardianEdge in April, for a combined $370 million with plans to build a centralized management platform, integrating both PGP and GuardianEdge into its existing products.

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