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Cloud storage vendor CTERA adds larger cloud storage appliance for VARs, MSPs

Cloud storage vendor CTERA's new CTERA 400 model holds 8 TB of storage and moves copy to cloud for backup and file sharing; CTERA also adds bare-metal restore and agents for Microsoft Exchange, SQL and Active Directory.

NAS and backup cloud storage vendor CTERA Networks today added an 8 TB appliance for managed service providers (MSPs) and VARs, plus agents for bare-metal restore and Microsoft application servers in an attempt to reach larger companies.

The CTERA 400 holds up to four 2 TB SATA drives -- twice the capacity of the CTERA 200 the vendor has sold since last year. CTERA also has a CloudPlug device that provides backup and file sharing through a USB device. CTERA sells its devices and services exclusively through MSPs and VARs. End-user customers back up data from their appliances to cloud storage provided either by MSPs or CTERA's data center.

CTERA's devices provide file sharing, backups for desktops and laptops, and access to the data center for remote offices. The cloud storage vendor's marketing vice president, Rani Osnat, said the CTERA 400 can support from 50 to 200 people, bringing it into larger SMBs and departments of larger organizations.

"Remote offices will run this as a private cloud back to the enterprise data center," he said. "SMBs will use managed service providers to host cloud backup."

CTERA's new agents support Exchange, SQL and Active Directory servers. Osnat said CTERA could work with those applications before but the agents allow features such as point-in-time restores and better management of snapshots.

MSP Statim LLC, of Waukegan, Ill., sells Statim Storage services based on the CTERA 200 and CloudPlug, and Statim President Charles Deberry said he intends to add a service for larger customers based on the 400.

"We get customers looking for a reliable backup product that also provides easy connectivity," DeBerry said. "If you're a small business with a laptop and desktop at your office, this lets you use both and back up from both, and have access to data from both devices."

Statim also sells backup software from Symantec, but DeBerry said the appliance approach is easier for SMBs. "It creates a single point solution," he said. "Symantec software has to be installed on a server, and you have to then manage that server. You have to buy a Windows server and connect it to the network. With the CTERA appliance, you just put it on the network and it works. You choose which folder to back up online. It gives you all you need for backup and NAS without having to install a server."

Statim charges $499 per year for a CTERA 200 appliance, plus monthly storage charges ranging from $7.99 for 10 GB to $117 for 200 GB.


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