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Bank, brewer increase use of virtual servers; where does 3 PAR bidding war leave HP and Dell?

Headlines: According to administrators at VMworld 2010, virtual servers are being used more often by storage shops because they are becoming more comfortable with the technology.

Storage channel news roundup for Sept. 2 to Sept. 8, 2010

Bank and brewer increase use of virtual servers

SAN FRANCISCO -- According to administrators at VMworld 2010, virtual servers are being used more often by storage shops because storage managers are becoming more comfortable with the technology. In a matter of years, storage administrators from First National Bank (FNB) in Pennsylvania and Netherlands-based brewer Heineken switched from no networked storage to storage area networks (SANs). They also started using virtualized production servers as well as sophisticated data protection and storage array technology.

First National Bank has $9 billion in assets and 300 different branches around the country. They started their virtualization project last year in an effort to more easily integrate acquisitions as well as improve data protection.

By 2012, Heineken hopes to virtualize 90% of its servers. Heineken has also changed SANs numerous times since it began virtualizing with VMware, and most recently, it made the switch to Compellent Storage SANs earlier this year.

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HP acquires 3PAR for $2.35 billion

Hewlett-Packard (HP) Co. beat Dell Inc. in the bidding war for storage array vendor 3PAR last week with a fourth and final bid of $2.35 billion. Both the HP and 3PAR board of directors said they have approved the acquisition. It is set to close at the end of the year.

But now that the deal has been made, both companies need to determine what their storage product lines will look like.

Dave Donatelli, HP's executive vice president and general manager of enterprise servers, storage and networking, said 3PAR is now a part of Hewlett-Packard's converged infrastructure strategy. However, now he needs to inform customers how exactly 3PAR fits with HP. For example, right now 3PAR's InServ systems compete with HP's XP enterprise platform that it gets from an OEM deal with Hitachi and with the high-end of HP's midrange EVA family. Donatelli has said he plans to keep the Hitachi relationship. He also said that HP won't drop the EVA in the near future because of its large customer base.

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Common challenges with snapshot technology for data backups

In this exclusive Q&A, W. Curtis Preston, executive editor at TechTarget and independent backup expert, addresses some of the largest caveats and challenges that come about when implementing snapshot technology in your data backup environment. See how snapshots and copies differ from one another, how to determine whether or not snapshot technology is right for your environment, common challenges storage administrators run into when using snapshots, where to use snapshots in your environment, and why and how they can revolutionize data backups.

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Symantec releases new NetBackup dedupe appliance

This week, Symantec Corp. released a new data deduplication appliance, the NetBackup 5000. It also launched cloud connectors for NetBackup and Backup Exec, and enhancements to Enterprise 9.0 designed to aid electronic discovery for unstructured data.

NetBackup 5000 comes loaded with Symantec's data backup software; this is its first dedupe appliance to do so. According to Symantec, each NetBackup 5000 appliance can protect as much as 96 usable TB of global dedupe capacity and up to 1 PB of data in one deployment. The NetBackup 5000 appliance has a total backup throughput of 4.3 TB per hour with four media servers (1.9 TB per hour with one media server). Individual nodes are 4U with two Intel CPUs and 24 GB of DDR2 memory. Its system disks are configured with RAID 1, and data disks are configured with RAID 6 and four Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) ports. The deduplication appliance can scale up in increments of 16 TB to 96 TB of dedupe capacity.

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