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EMC news: Company to sell Atmos Online only via providers; buys data warehouse vendor Greenplum

Headlines: EMC's move to sell its Atmos service only through service providers comes as good news for its service provider partners; the company also snagged another layer of the infrastructure stack with its acquisition of data warehousing company Greenplum.

Storage channel news roundup for July 1 to 7, 2010

EMC opts to sell Atmos Online only via service providers

EMC Corp.'s move to sell its Atmos cloud storage service only through service providers rather than through its own service is good news for its service provider partners. The timing couldn't be better for one, Hosted Solutions, which launched its Atmos-driven backup service recently shortly before EMC made its decision public.

Hosted Solutions' Stratus Cloud Storage is one of just three Atmos-based commercial services; AT&T's Synaptic Storage as a Service and Peer 1 Hosting's round out the list. Hosted Solutions has Atmos frames in two of its five data centers and replicates data between the two SAS-70 Type II sites. Customers gain access to data via TwinStrata Cloud Array devices.

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EMC buys data warehousing vendor Greenplum

EMC Corp. snagged another layer of the IT infrastructure stack beyond storage last week when it acquired data warehousing company Greenplum Inc., which is privately held.

Greenplum's product line includes Greenplum Database, a massively parallel processing database for analytical processing; a free version of Greenplum Database; and Greenplum Chorus, which is aimed at enterprise clouds and includes self-service provisioning, data collaboration and data services. Greenplum says that its analytical database software, running on x86 hardware, is as much as 100 times faster than traditional databases.

EMC did not release the price for the transaction but said the deal would probably be completed by the end of the third quarter.

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High availability plays DR role for everyday emergencies

Businesses that plan for the possibility of natural disasters say a good disaster recovery plan brings peace of mind, but high availability with features such as dedupe and data replication plays a more important role in day-to-day operations.

Platinum Energy protects critical servers with QuorumLabs

Like other Southern California businesses, wholesale fuel supplier Platinum Energy, based in Agoura Hills, is at risk from natural disasters, but it also needs high availability to protect against server outages that might cost a lot of money in the blink of an eye. Plantinum's director of technology, Gregg Blank, said high availability became more critical after the company went from supplying 16 service stations to more than a hundred in California, Washington and Oregon in about a year.

"Fuel pricing is pretty volatile; it's critical to make sure we get updates on pricing over our complete network -- the 120 dealers we supply to," Blank said. "Fuel prices can change while fuel is on the truck -- we want to make sure they have the latest information. When the company had 16 service stations, if something happened to the internal network, it was easy to get everybody on the phone. At the scale we're out now, we realize how mission critical it is that our systems stay up and running. Downtime can mean tens of thousands of dollars."

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