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Symantec merges SRM products; Dell EqualLogic adds automated tiered storage

Headlines: Symantec set to merge storage resource management (SRM) products and work more closely with VMware; SSDs and SAS drives can now be combined within EqualLogic's PS6000XVS, with greater VMware integration.

Storage channel news roundup for June 3 to 9, 2010

Symantec to merge Veritas Cluster Server and storage resource management applications

Symantec Corp. is readying the integration of its products in the Storage and Availability Management Group, which consists of the Veritas Operations Manager and CommandCentral Storage, in addition to Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) and VCS One. The product merger arrives at a time when some industry analysts and customers have called on Symantec to improve its value storage resource management (SRM) offering.

Anil Chakravarthy, who in January took the reigns as senior vice president of the Symantec Storage and Availability Management Group, said Veritas Operations Manager and CommandCentral Storage will be merged into one product and will start with a deployment sometime in October. That deployment will also consist of Symantec's Data Insight software for chargeback.

Veritas Cluster Server, Veritas Cluster Server for VMware ESX and VCS One will be integrated as well, with a delivery date sometime in 2011, said Chakravarthy. Storage Foundation will be built on a more modular architecture, and will "peel off" Dynamic Multipathing as a standalone module. Formerly, customers had to buy all of Storage Foundation to get that one feature.

The integration of VCS will be consistent with VCS One's course, which split application monitoring capabilities from cluster "heartbeat" maintenance.

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Dell EqualLogic PS6000XVS updated with automated tiered storage

Dell Inc. recently updated  its EqualLogic PS6000XVS iSCSI line with support for combining solid-state drive (SSD) and SAS disks in the same enclosure, automated tiered storage software and more VMware integration . Dell also updated its PowerVault platform with 6 Gbps SAS support.

Dell initially included SSD support in EqualLogic with the release of the PS6000 series this past year, but the PS6000XVS and PS6010XVS are the first EqualLogic products that allow the combination of different drive models (100 GB single-level cell solid-state drives from Samsung and 450 GB SAS hard disk drives) in one enclosure.

Dell included an automated tiered storage feature as well, to put data on SSD and hard disks consistent with access patterns, a feature that's showing up more and more in disk array vendors planning on adding SSD to their SAN appliances. The tiered storage attribute is founded on EqualLogic's automated load-balancing IP, whichdistributes data automatically over new disks with the addition of capacity. The new load balancer for tiered storage -- part of Version 5.0 of the EqualLogic firmware -- load balances by the type of disk instead of by RAID level inside boxes with similar disks. (EqualLogic has also formerly supported automated tiering of bigger sets of data across more extended periods of time between individual arrays).

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Permabit deploys Albireo data deduplication for primary data reduction

Permabit Technology Corp.  recently released its Albireo High Performance Data Optimization Software, a data deduplication application for primary data reduction that OEM partners can embed in their storage systems.

Tom Cook, Permabit's CEO, said the vendor has won many OEM design awards for the sub-file deduplication technology, which is distributed to storage vendors as a software development kit (SDK). .

According to industry analysts, interest in primary data deduplication remains high, and the majority of principal storage vendors are endeavoring to catch up with NetApp Inc.'s deduplication feature. NetApp deduplication  is seen by analysts as a strong selling point within its FAS arrays in virtual server environments.

EMC Corp. provides single-instance storage and compression with its Celerra unified storage platform, and has dedupe backup technology from its Data Domain and Avamar acquisitions.

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Cisco deploys NSS 300 Series SMB multiprotocol storage line

Cisco Systems Inc. yesterday launched a suite of multiprotocol storage systems for small-to-midsized (SMB) companies, called the NSS 300 Series Smart Series Storage.

This latest platform takes the place of the NSS 2000 and 3000 series Cisco deployed in the past year. The Series Smart Storage line is comprised of three models with two-, four- and six-drive bays, which can hold 2 TB SATA drives for up to 12 TB of capacity. Costs range from $913 for the smallest model without drives to $5,625 for a fully configured six-bay 12 TB model.

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RainStor 4 data archiving updated with record-level management and legal hold functions

RainStor this week announced RainStor 4, the newest version of its data archiving software, updated with record-level managementlegal hold and deletion capabilities for compliance, and an increase in its ingestion rate and retrieval performance.

RainStor, which  renamed itself from the former Clearpace Software Ltd. late last year, , is also including support for the IBM AIX and Microsoft Corp. Windows x86 operating system platforms.

The RainStor repository software is targeted toward organizations that store upwards of billions of records in its databases. It is possible to deliver RainStor software as a virtual appliance, embed it in an application through partners or integrate it into a cloud storage service.

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Manage flood disasters with essential backup and disaster recovery strategies

Across the US in recent months, IT shops have experienced unpredictable and unavoidable flooding, leaving them to cope with flood disaster management. Richard Booth oversees IT operations for the North Kingston, Rhode Island school department, and runs 1.6 TB of "mostly mission-critical data." in a region where water levels started to climb this spring, closing down roads, flooding basements, and interrupting power. In response to a major roof leak years ago, Booth said, he ensured that he was ready for this kind of disaster. He furnished his community with a pair of Exagrid disk backup appliances, an EX5000 and an EX3000. Booth set up the units in two locations, one at each end of town. The investment enabled operations to be more secure, as well as did away with the necessity of a manual data backup every weekend.

"The Exagrid systems are constantly streaming data back and forth, which means I always have two copies of all my data -- if I lost one building, I could still recover my data," Booth said. To boost his disaster recovery strategy and preparation, Booth invested in raised flooring to safeguard his systems from minor flooding and also set up a battery backup system so that in case a power failure occurs, he can guarantee an orderly system shutdown. 

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SGI releases Copan 400 MAID disk array; says performance of disk spin-down system improved

Five months ago, Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI) acquired the intellectual property assets of MAID maker Copan Systems Inc.; now, SGI is re-issuing the technology with its brand name as the Copan 400, and says it has enhanced the disk spin-down system's performance.

SGI says the latest Copan 400 can reach 6,400 MBps throughput with a native disk interface as a result of the added 8 Gbps Fibre Channel (FC) links and Intel COM Express quad-core processors that operate at about 3.0 GHz. The Copan virtual tape library (VTL) model, founded on a collaboration with FalconStor Software Inc., will achieve 3,200 MBps, says SGI product manager of data protection Jim Miller, since SGI must team with FalconStor to get the VTL incorporation with Copan to leverage 8 Gbps Fibre Channel.

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WAN acceleration enables SAN data share across continents for law firm

The director of engineering for an international law firm that uses NetApp storage in seven sites around the world refers to WAN acceleration as the "key enabler" that makes it possible for his firm to replicate data and share documents across offices and data centers on three continents.

Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP, is a best-of-breed IT shop – with NetApp Inc. storage, Brocade Communications Inc. Fibre Channel (FC) switches, Cisco Systems inc. Ethernet switches and Riverbed Steelhead WAN accelerator appliances from Riverbed Technology Inc. In terms of data protection, Paul Hastings utilizes Symantec Corp. NetBackup and Hewlett-Packard (HP) Co. LTO-4 tape libraries for disk-to-disk-to-tape (D2D2T) backups.

Read the whole story on the use of WAN acceleration for data replication and sharing.

Altaro launches the 50-for-50 reseller program

Altaro Software, a continuous data protection provider for SOHOs and SMBs, recently launched the 50-for-50 reseller program aimed at recruiting resellers to sell its backup software, Oops!Backup.

Through the new 50-for-50 program, Altaro Software is giving a 50% margin to the first 50 Oops!Backup licenses that a reseller sells by July 31, 2010. Once 50 licenses are sold, the margin will then be set to 40% as standard. Resellers will also receive a free non-expiring not-for-resale (NFR) product license key, direct access to the Altaro developer team, and early access to beta programs.

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