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Top Channel Marker blogs for May 2010

IT Channel Marker blog readers had a thirst for variety in May, with most-read posts including news from big vendors like Microsoft to smaller-sized companies, such as Webiplex.

The most popular Channel Marker blog posts for May had their eye on the biggest of the big (Microsoft) and the itty-bitty vendors that caught VARs' eyes (Webiplex and eSet). Also in the mix was a perceived light at the end of the recession's tunnel, at least according to new figures tracking IT spending.

Without further ado, here are the most-read Channel Marker posts for May 2010.

1: Microsoft's wake-up call

Has Microsoft lost its mojo? Even Microsoft boosters wonder what's up in the light of the company's continued poor showing in mobile phones, Internet search and other tech areas beyond its traditional reach. It didn't help that the company lost its market-cap dominance to archrival Apple last month. And the exit of J Allard and the coming departure of Robbie Bach has many wondering if the company's brain trust has lost its luster.

2: Disties declare turnaround

New data shows that demand for IT -- at least as measured by the big distributors -- has hit levels unseen since the days before the big recession. The latest NPD Group Distributor Track and Context Sales Watch, based on information provided by the Global Technology Distribution Council (GTDC), at least shows some good news in IT spending after a long drought, writes Channel Marker blogger Heather Clancy.

3: Webiplex another cool vendor you may not have heard of

Sick of hearing only about the latest (and maybe not-so-greatest) from Microsoft, Symantec, Oracle and the other big-name vendors? Then you should check out Webiplex. Its content management product eases workflow and document management between existing legacy HR, accounting and other applications. It also adds optical character recognition/scanning for all those paper documents that were supposed to be done in long ago by the advent of the paperless office.

4: Microsoft to pare back ERP VARs

Finally, we have acknowledgement of what many have suspected: Microsoft is cutting back the number of VARs offering its ERP products. A Microsoft director told longtime business software watcher Bob Scott that while there are about 950 ERP partners in the U.S. now, the company needs and wants something more along the lines of 300 to 400 partners in that arena.

5: Small security vendor eSet earns VAR raves

VARs can't get enough of eSet. The security vendor regularly outshines much bigger competitors when it comes to working well with partners and delivering a slim-and-trim security offering. As big vendors race to get bigger (but not necessarily better), it's nice to see small, savvy companies -- this one out of Bratislava, Slovakia -- gain some mindshare in the channel.

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