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Version 10 of Asigra cloud backup app gains mobile support, better tiering

Asigra upgrades its cloud backup application to Version 10, adding laptop support, local-only storage, onsite and offsite archiving, and improved server virtualization platform support.

Asigra Inc. rolled out a new version of its cloud backup software today, adding support for mobile devices while expanding its tiering options and server virtualization platform support.

Asigra sells its Cloud Backup and Recovery (BUR) solution exclusively to managed service providers (MSPs). The vendor rebranded its former Televaulting service in June 2009 when it launched Version 9.

Version 10, which Asigra launched today, adds a mobile client that allows IT administrators to set policies to automatically back up remote laptops to the DS-System server in the data center. The DS-Mobile Client sits on the end-user device, and admins can use a mass-deployment feature to install the client and deploy updates and patches to multiple mobile devices at once. MSPs can customize the DS-Mobile Client so the end user isn't aware it's from Asigra.

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"The pain our customers experience is most of time laptops are not backed up, but they have lot of critical on them," said Ashar Baig, Asigra's senior director of product marketing.

Enterprise Strategy Group analyst Lauren Whitehouse said the new version lets MSPs expand their data protection services. "They've had a desktop component as part of their solution, but being able to take care of that remote and mobile worker and offer the MSPs another use case for them to attack is good," Whitehouse said.

The new version also offers local-only backup storage for cases where the end user is reluctant to move business-critical data offsite. The MSP can also set automated options for moving locally stored data offsite after a set period of time upon customer request.

With Version 10, Asigra also adds a Backup Life Cycle Manager (BLM) archiving option. The BLM archiver can sit at an end user's premises, at the MSP's site or at an offsite location for business continuity and disaster recovery protection. End users can also choose to move data off to Amazon's S3 cloud backup and cloud storage service. The end users decide when and where backup data automatically moves between the local MSP site and offsite storage tiers.

Asigra's Baig said the new archiving features let MSPs scale to their customers' needs.

"It really is economies of scale," Baig said of the archiving options." What types of SLAs are you comfortable with in terms of getting your data back? It's really an economic decision in terms of, 'Can you live with it if the data gets to you in three days versus seven days?'"

Asigra also augmented its virtualized server backup capabilities by adding support for Microsoft Corp. Hyper-V and VMware Inc.'s vSphere 4.0 virtual machine (VM) backup technology, called vStorage APIs for Data Protection (VDAP).

The Asigra cloud backup architecture already included native API integration with VMware and Citrix Systems Inc. XenServer virtualization platforms. Asigra's VDAP support includes extensions such as continuous data protection (CDP) and changed block tracking, which can significantly cut backup times by more rapidly identifying only changed blocks in VMs.

"Backing up those live running virtual machines can be quite a task for some organizations," Whitehouse said. "It's great to see that [Asigra is] taking advantage of all of the cool and interesting things the hypervisor vendors are offering."

Asigra prices its tiered backup solution to MSPs by capacity, starting at $10,000 for 1 TB.

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