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VMware cloud push continues with news

Big and VMware cloud computing news is coming. The two vendors have promised their April 27 announcement will change the future of cloud computing.

Systems Channel News Roundup for the week of April 12-16, 2010., VMware cloud partnership formed

A new and VMware cloud effort has resulted in a new website, launched Monday, which teases a new cloud computing offering.

The two companies will announce details surrounding VMforce, which they say will affect the future of cloud computing, during a joint webcast April 27. Experts have speculated that this news could mean a new type of application for solutions providers to offer their customers through the cloud. The ripple effect from this release could also be a commitment to the Infrastructure as a Service model, which could augment the VMware cloud's efforts to become involved with Java application development, according to

You can sign up on to view the webcast, which VMware CEO Paul Maritz and CEO Marc Benioff will host.

Oracle backs MySQL, releases MySQL 5.5 beta

MySQL users have been concerned about the open source database's future. To quell those fears, Oracle has said it will strongly support MySQL.

Many were worried that Oracle would no longer use the open source products it acquired from Sun Microsystems, but Oracle has pledged to improve both the premium and community MySQL editions, according to

Oracle backed this announcement up by releasing MySQL 5.5 beta, which will offer new features, including enhanced usability, partitioning and speed (200% faster for reads, 364% faster for writes).

Exchange 2010 SP1 improves storage

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP1 will hit the market later this year. And when it does, it will offer new built-in storage features, as well as performance improvements for Web and mobile access, according to

The service pack will include an email archiving update, which will allow admins to provision users' primary and archive mailboxes to different databases. And for e-discovery, the service pack will allow for policy-based email deletion and retention, reported this week.

Solutions providers shouldn't abandon the third-party tools they've been using to provide these features for Exchange customers in the past; most organizations are likely to stick with those for the time being.

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