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Sun OpenSolaris OS on IBM System z in hiatus

Oracle's acquisition of Sun Microsystems has put much of Sun's products in question, and the Sun OpenSolaris OS is no exception.

Systems Channel News Roundup for the week of April 5-April 9, 2010.

Future of Sun OpenSolaris OS on IBM System z mainframe uncertain

Oracle Corp.'s recent acquisition of Sun Microsystems has raised questions about the future of the Sun OpenSolaris OS on the IBM System z mainframe.

Despite projections that the Sun OpenSolaris OS would never be as widely implemented as the Linux operating system (OS) on the IBM mainframe, it has drawn interest among solutions providers, because it offers another option for customers using the IBM System z product line.

But the curiosity surrounding Sun OpenSolaris OS hasn't translated to popularity among customers. A port of OpenSolaris for System z was downloaded only 1,000 times, and many of those downloads were repeats from the same company, according to A new port is expected to be available in the next two weeks.

Oracle has been quiet regarding the future of the Sun OpenSolaris OS, maintaining that it will continue to support projects that generate revenue and leave behind those that don't.

Citrix claims stake in Kaviza VDI appliance

Kaviza, a company that specializes in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and desktop virtualization technology, has a new big-name investor: Citrix Systems.

Citrix gave Kaviza an undisclosed amount further develop its VDI-in-a-box appliance. VDI-in-a-box doesn't require shared storage, and solutions providers can use it to deploy VDI or hosted virtual desktops for less than $500 per desktop, according to the company.

Cisco Systems Nexus 1000v virtual switch provides physical control

Cisco Systems' new Nexus 1000v virtual switch is designed to allow solutions providers to have more control over and visibility into virtual machines (VMs) and will replace the vSwitch that's embedded in VMware hypervisor software.

Solutions providers have struggled to see what exactly is happening when VMs are switching on a virtual host server, which can lead to security and management issues, according to To try to solve the virtual switch problem, Nexus 1000v's primary software components, Virtual Ethernet Module (VEM) and the Virtual Supervisor Module (VSM), are designed in a way that is similar to a physical switch.

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