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Dell OEM deal with EMC expanded; Cleversafe improves performance, security

Headlines: The Dell OEM deal with EMC has been widened to include rebranding of EMC Celerra NAS/unified storage and Data Domain data deduplication devices; Version 2.0 of Cleversafe's software adds security features to dsNet and gains storage provisioning flexibility.

Storage channel news roundup for March 24 to 31, 2010


Dell OEM deal with EMC expanded to rebranding of Celerra, Data Domain products

The Dell OEM deal with EMC Corp. has been extended. The company is launching Dell-branded versions of EMC's Celerra unified storage and Data Domain devices while outlining plans for an object storage platform.

The company has been reselling Celerra and Data Domain hardware, but it will now sell most of those models under the Dell brand. The Dell DX Object Storage Solution platform is based on Dell hardware integrated with software from a variety of partners.

EMC and Dell have co-branded Clariion midrange SAN systems for almost 10 years. With these rollouts, Dell continues the strategy of partnering with EMC while also selling its own -- sometimes competitive -- storage. Despite its long-standing Clariion partnership, for instance, Dell acquired iSCSI SAN vendor EqualLogic two years ago.

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Cleversafe improves performance, security in software upgrade

Cleversafe Inc. unveiled Cleversafe 2.0, an upgraded version of its geographically dispersed object storage software with improvements focused on high availability, performance and data security in the cloud.

Cleversafe launched in 2008, positioning its platform as a foundation for cloud storage services. Cleversafe President and CEO Chris Gladwin said Cleversafe 2.0 is an extensive revision of the software.

Cleversafe has always claimed that its use of erasure codes, which split data into a user-determined number of chunks that can't be individually read, is secure, but the 2.0 version's security updates include a certificate authority for the Slicestor, Accesser and Manager appliances that make up what Cleversafe calls a Dispersed Storage Network (dsNet). These certificates are designed to prevent the spoofing of an appliance to get unauthorized access.

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Coraid EtherDrive SRX Series adds support for SSDs and 10 GbE

Coraid Inc. launched a series of 10 10 GbE SANs that support SAS, SATA and solid-state drives on the same system. The company is targeting the SANs at highly virtualized and cloud storage environments.

Like Coraid's previous systems, the new EtherDrive SRX Series delivers block-based storage using the ATA over Ethernet (AoE) protocol instead of Fibre Channel or iSCSI. AoE is a thin protocol layer directly on top of Ethernet that doesn't require IP or TCP layers.

The EtherDrive SRX Series has three models: The 2800 has a 3U form factor and contains 16 3.6-inch drives for as much as 32 TB; the 4U EtherDrive SRX3200 contains 24 3.5-inch drives for 48 TB; and the 2U EtherDrive SRX3500 contains 24 2.5-inch drives to 12 TB.

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Online backup provider Dmailer gives away local data backup software

Online backup storage service provider Dmailer is giving away its local backup software for free in an effort to get customers to buy its Dmailer Online services, a strategy analysts say reflects the tough competition in the market.

Dmailer, which is based in France, has built its business in the past decade by offering local backup and file synchronization software through OEM partners, including external and portable hard drive and flash drive makers Kingston Technology Corp., LaCie, Lexar Media Inc. and SanDisk Corp. Dmailer says that more than 50 million copies of its Dmailer Backup, Dmailer Sync and Mediamove data migration software have shipped.


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Elite Brands upgrades to Data Robotics DroboElite for backup

Elite Brands Systems Engineer Dylan McCullough knew it was time to upgrade his storage when he didn't have enough server space for local backups and even had trouble getting data off site to the company's backup provider. He solved the problem with a Data Robotics Inc. DroboElite iSCSI system.

McCullough said when he began working at the Norfolk, Mass.-based firm military commissary supplier early this year, he noticed the data backup problems right off the bat.

"Our storage solution was everything stored locally on the server," he said."We didn't have a network device or anything like that."

McCullough said 95% of the capacity on five of his six servers was filled, leaving little space for local backups. The company was paying SOS Online Backup about $600 per month for online backup service, and McCullough wanted to cut that cost down.

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Washington University upgrades disk arrays, cuts VMware provisioning time 

Two groups at Washington University in St. Louis swapped out older Xiotech Corp. Magnitude systems for Emprise 7000s and say the new disk arrays have cut the time it takes to provision VMware virtual machines and kept up with data growth better than the older models.

Washington University's business school and libraries switched systems before Xiotech announced it would end support for its Magnitude disk arrays in favor of Emprise SANs based on Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) technology acquired from Seagate in 2007.

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DataDirect Networks helps Australian agency process petabytes of video data

The Public Transport Authority of Western Australia chose DataDirect Networks' S2A array to store data from video surveillance cameras on its buses and trains after an internal test with NetApp Inc. showed DataDirect's array was better suited to the large sequential I/O needed for processing petabytes of video data.

A few years ago, the Perth-based Public Transport Authority decided to replace 78 physical servers with direct-attached storage (DAS) arrays from Infortrend to support a closed-circuit TV surveillance system.

Management of so many servers and islands of DAS was "a nightmare," according to Scott La Vertu, network services manager at the Public Transport Authority. "Two-thirds of the cost of our break-fix maintenance was in the storage arrays."

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HP launches LTO-5 tape products

Hewlett-Packard Co. launched its first set of LTO-5 tape products, bringing out LTO-5 tape libraries, drives and cartridges, plus a free software utility that monitors the health and performance of the devices in a proactive way.

LTO-5 tape cartridges have double the capacity of LTO-4 tape, at 1.5 TB native and 3 TB compressed. Performance has improved from 120 MBps to 140 MBps native, and 240 MBps to 280 MBps compressed. LTO-5 includes LTO-4's hardware encryption and adds partitioning to enable applications to index data on tape for easier access.

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Carnegie Mellon announces 'disaster management' technology partnership 

Carnegie Mellon University announced the launch of its Disaster Management Initiative (DMI), a technology partnership that aims to bring together groups and individuals to collaborate on solutions for more effective management with the response and recovery of disasters.


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LAN Infotech joins the DataCore Software Partner Program 

DataCore Software announced that LAN Infotech has been approved and accredited to join its Software Partner Program. LAN Infotech will sell and support DataCore's storage virtualization, business continuity and disaster recovery software solutions.

DataCore said its partner program includes advanced training, margin incentives and NFR software access. LAN Infotech's addition of DataCore Software to its product portfolio enables customers to repurpose existing hardware into a highly available storage network that supports live migration and ensures business continuity, DataCore said.


Layered Tech launches Mezeo-based cloud storage solution 

Layered Technologies Inc. launched its new cloud storage solution, LT Depot, powered by the Mezeo Cloud Storage Platform. With LT Depot, users can create, manage and share files via the Web with their desktop and laptop computers and connect to cloud storage via a range of mobile devices, the company said. LT Depot also encrypts data in transit and at rest.

According to Layered Tech, LT Depot includes features such as secure file sharing with the LT Depot File Manager, and customers can create or re-create a hierarchical file structure with folders and documents. LT Depot also provides tagging tools to group and locate any file type anywhere in the cloud, and its online recycle container allows for the recovery of accidentally deleted files.

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