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Active Directory support coming to VMware ESX, ESXi

To boost Active Directory support, VMware has partnered with LikeWise Software, which will allow ESX and ESXi servers direct access into the Active Directory framework.

Systems Channel News Roundup for the week of March 22-26, 2010.

VMware partners with LikeWise software to boost Active Directory support

VMware Inc.'s agreement to integrate Likewise Software's authentication software into VMware ESX and ESXi will mean improved Active Directory support for the two VMware hypervisors.

Being able to plug directly into Microsoft's Active Directory (AD) will make it easier for solutions providers and customers that currently have to go through vCenter Server and the vSphere Client to get Active Directory support.

The integration of VMware ESX and ESXi with Likewise's software also means that solutions providers won't have to configure Pluggable Authentication Modules in the ESX service console to for Active Directory support, according to

This agreement will also benefit companies that want to use AD as their central authentication platform.

Canonical survey shows increased interest in Ubuntu

Canonical has released the beta version of Ubuntu 10.04 with hopes that it will become a major player in the Linux market.

Eighty percent of companies that run Linux servers are running Ubuntu, and 72% of respondents think Ubuntu is ready for critical deployments, according to a Canonical survey of 2650 Linux users. Solutions providers should note that the survey was financed and carried out by Canonical, and therefore, many of the respondents might have already been Ubuntu supporters.

IDC numbers, meanwhile, show that Linux servers have a growth rate of 13 to 14%, and Red Hat Inc. is still the market leader with approximately 60% distribution, according to But one IDC analyst noted that he has seen Ubuntu's share in Linux servers gradually creeping up compared to last year.

Ubuntu is now also certified to run on HP Proliant Servers, which could also help in its running against Red Hat and Novell Inc.

Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11 targets Windows 7 migrations

Novell Inc.'s new virtual appliance, ZENworks Configuration Management 11, is designed to make large-scale Microsoft Windows 7 migrations easier.

Solutions providers will be able to use the features in the new cloud product for desktop and patch management and to help prevent data loss and user downtime during Windows 7 migrations. The new virtual appliance runs on a VMware ESX infrastructure and was built using SUSE Studio.

ZENworks Configuration Management 11 will be available March 30, but only to customers that have ZENworks 10 Configuration Management SP3.

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