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Microsoft desktop virtualization licensing, RDP changes coming

Microsoft desktop virtualization is finally getting a per-user licensing model, and big improvements to Remote Desktop Protocol are on the way, too.

Systems Channel News Roundup for the week of March 8-12, 2010.

Microsoft desktop virtualization, RDP improvements on the horizon

Microsoft desktop virtualization licensing is moving to a per-user model, and the company is also revamping its Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

The new Microsoft desktop virtualization approach will start with per-user licensing instead of per-device licensing, which should be attractive to customers that can't afford the costs associated with per-device licenses. The new per-user licensing model means that the number of devices that can connect to the server is unlimited. Later this year, the company also plans to address policy and expense issues associated with Windows virtual desktop licensing, according to

Improvements to Microsoft's RDP are said to include better media applications and improved streaming audio quality. To contend with protocols from VMware and Citrix, Microsoft needs to enhance RDP performance for large-scale projects, including comprehensive images and video. Many experts see the offerings of Calista Technologies -- which Microsoft acquired more than two years ago -- helping to improve Microsoft RDP because of their accelerated frame buffer capture and compression technology.

CA acquires Nimsoft to boost role in the cloud

CA Inc. has revealed plans to acquire Nimsoft, a company that specializes in system and performance monitoring products.

CA expects the $350 million acquisition to strengthen its relationship with managed service providers (MSPs) that are looking to become more involved in cloud computing -- Nimsoft's recent focus before the acquisition.

In a CA letter to partners, the company emphasized how its recent acquisitions of Cassatt, Oblicore, 3Tera and Nimsoft will boost the company's monitoring products and services geared toward public and private clouds that are managed by MSPs.

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