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Sales of Windows 7 licenses to continue growing, Microsoft says

Microsoft reports that sales of Windows 7 licenses have hit the 90 million mark and will keep growing, which could mean a boost in business for solutions providers.

Systems Channel News Roundup for the week of March 1-5, 2010.

Boost in sales for Windows 7 licenses expected in 2010

Microsoft has sold 90 million Windows 7 licenses to date, and Chief Financial Officer Peter Klein expects continued sales growth in the IT market.

The software giant reported 60 million Windows 7 licenses sold during its fiscal second quarter, which ended at the beginning of January, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer's Microsoft Blog. These Windows 7 sales figures indicate a strong market for solutions providers selling Windows 7 licenses in 2010. They also mean that Windows 7 is the fastest-selling operating system Microsoft has ever put out.

Once Microsoft releases Office 2010 in June, solutions providers will be able to offer upgrades to their customers as part of the Office 2010 Technology Guarantee Program.

New Parallels Server to run on Mac OS X Server VMs

The new edition of Parallels Server is anticipated as the first bare metal hypervisor for Apple Xserve.

The hypervisor will be made for Mac Bare Metal Edition and will include Parallels Virtual Automation for virtualization monitoring.

The introduction of this updated product means that Apple stands to gain greater traction in enterprise environments. Solutions providers will be able to run Windows and Linux workloads on Mac systems, which will give their customers more options when choosing between hypervisors. Solutions providers will also have the ability to migrate systems without going completely offline. And customers that prefer to use all Apple hardware could do so, while at the same time consolidating server resources and applications.

Novell, Cloud Security Alliance develop cloud standards

Novell Inc. has partnered with the Cloud Security Alliance to create the Trusted Cloud Initiative (TCI).

The TCI is led by Nick Nikols, Novell's vice president of product management for the identity and security business unit, and Liam Lynch, eBay's chief security strategist. The purpose of TCI is to provide certification for secure cloud computing technology and to develop industry-wide standards for security guidelines, according to

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is using this new venture as an opportunity to define cloud computing and outline risks that solutions providers and customers may not know about. The CSA is also now encouraging customers to request documents on disaster recovery and security policies from solutions providers before cloud implementations.

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