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Cisco UCS: Not so fast!; AMD gets ahead of itself; other news

Cisco's UCS claims questioned; new AMD Opterons out before their time; more headlines.

IT channel news in brief for Feb. 26, 2010

Cisco's UCS claims questioned

Consider the source, but a testing lab hired by an "unnamed Cisco competitor" took a look at the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) and found it lacking.

According to the Tolly Group, Cisco's claim that UCS provides 40 Gbps of actual capacity throughput is not true. In actuality, the throughput enabled during tests could be as low as 27 Gbps, said Tolly.

Normally, competitor-funded studies would be dismissed, but outside engineers found validity in the Tolly Group's findings, according to

New AMD Opterons out before their time

Advance Micro Devices was not expected to ship its 12-core x86 Opteron chip till March, but a few lucky customers have theirs already.

A reseller's eBay advertisement for systems with the chip forced AMD to acknowledge on its AMD at Work blog that some orders have been filled already.

Microsoft veep on "cloud computing for dummies"

Microsoft's Bob Muglia used props to acknowledge the importance of the cloud while also cautioning against cloud computing hype.

Whipping out a copy of Cloud Computing for Dummies at the Goldman Sachs technology conference this week, Muglia said the cloud market is growing but "Windows Server and SQL Server… are the big dogs really driving it." Not coincidentally, Muglia is president of Microsoft's Server and Tools group, home of -- you guessed it -- Windows Server and SQL Server.

Muglia also said that while Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platform will draw a lot of applications, it won't be as profitable for Microsoft as on-premises software any time in the foreseeable future.

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