VAR business opportunities from Windows 7

Our Windows 7 expert discusses how a VAR business can take advantage of the client operating system.

A VAR business continues to be wracked by the tough economy, and finding new revenue is harder than ever. Luckily, Microsoft's latest operating system (OS), Windows 7, comes with great features and functions VARs can exploit.

In this podcast, Windows 7 expert and author Ed Tittel outlines the best reasons for a VAR business to get involved with Windows 7 upgrades and migrations. You'll find out how the VAR business can benefit from Windows 7 and how Windows 7 stacks up against Microsoft's previous OSes. You'll also learn about Windows 7 compatibility with older hardware, if it's netbook and application friendly and just how important Windows 7 XP Mode is.

Tittel also explains why he thinks a VAR and its customers might not run to Windows 7 right away, despite its noticeable improvements compared to Windows Vista and XP.

Listen to the podcast here.

VAR business opportunities from Windows 7

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